Experimental Pianist Kelly Moran on Electronics, Religion, & Running to Future

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I have Skimmed through The 3:00 AM Stroll Project A few times And I have to Say I really enjoy it.

The Vibes are on point with this project and the vocal samples are Absolutely Amazing.

Have You Heard Of LO-FI ,

Are You familiar with the Lo Fi genera of music ??

we touched On the Lo Fi style briefly With

BLAYNE B and his project Lo Fi Luv  


3:00am stroll

by  Pantalaim0n


I have Skimmed through The 3:00 AM Stroll Project A few times And I have to Say I really enjoy it.

The Vibes are on point with this project and the vocal samples are Absolutely Amazing.


I often find my self looking into the meaning of this project a lot and the idea behind all of the track titles.

A few of my Favorite tracks off this project are

1. Track 4  Passing Street Lights


2. Track 8 Earphones off


3. Track 9 Passing her house



The 3 tracks I just listed I suggest you check out And Vibe Along to

Pantalaim0n does An excellent Job At making this Project tell a story with the sounds and vibes.

overall I really like this project and think that you should at least check it out and give it a listen.


Also the Sample In track 12 is godlike https://o-nei-rictapes.bandcamp.com/track/12-fourth-cigarette 

The Old school real hip hop heads might recognize it .





Super Sad Boy By Envymane has a unique sound to it that I really Enjoy.

The song Features DETH.EXE.

The Overall melody and tune of this song Is Amazing.


Are You A super Sad Boy ???


Super Sad Boy By Envymane has a unique sound to it that I really Enjoy.

The song Features DETH.EXE.

The Overall melody and tune of this song Is Amazing.

Envymane really brings it with his wordplay and flow on this track

his style is absolutely flawless and I resonate with this song a lot.

I fuck with the “super sad boy got it on my lonely’ Vibe. This song Is perfect for the people that just are social outcast and do not necessarily fit in with people or any set social group.


DETH.EXE Verse is Also well done and fits with the song perfectly his abstractness helps formulate a uniqueness in the track that is hard to come by in other songs.


Over all I really Enjoy SUPER SAD BOY and I feel that you should listen to it as well and formulate your own thoughts about the song.


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The Best of Soundcloud 2017

Hello to all the readers of this blog. First off I just want to apologise for my absence as I’ve been busy with Uni, working on my own music and video games to the point where i haven’t been writing articles for a while. I hope to be more consistent this year in providing you guys with some heat from various sides of the underground online music world.

Druidic – Alpha Channels


Usually in my best of Soundcloud articles I post single tracks, however I have to show you guys this whole EP because its just too good to only pick one song really. Alpha Channels is a Metal / Rock EP and each track is crafted with the intention of telling a story with each song. From the gentle, warm plucks heard in -WERIFESTERIA- to the dark, shadowy sounds in -DESTINY-. Press play and you will be memorised by the spectrum of sounds that Druidic has created.

Klasey Jones – Cement

BOI i’ve been waiting so long for this track to finally get released on Terrorhythm. I First heard this track on the Liquid Ritual show /w Kareful and Tyler back in November. Cement gives us a taste of whats going on in the UK Beat music scene. Dark yet bouncy vibes that takes influences from grime and 2010 UK Dubstep. I would really recommend keeping an eye out for Klasey Jones as he’s set to be doing big things later this year.

Sʟɪᴍ Gᴜᴇʀɪʟʟᴀ – Jaw Talking 1995 (Prod. Genshin)

Lo – Fi classic southern hip hop done right. If you like the sounds of Three Six Mafia or Spaceghostpuurp then you will enjoy what Slim Guerilla has to offer. A fire flow over some dark, deep and aggressive production from Genshin. If you ever get into some beef with someone, play this track and I guarantee you will win no matter what. You can check out his full project which he just recently released called “BLUE LIGHT CEMETARY 1995

Bummy Boi – Sandy (w/ nekomimi (+ luvfexx)

Bummy Boi gives us a chill, comical and fun track with a style that seems to take a bit of influence from early 2000 RnB. Droptop, Teardrop is also worth checking out if you’re into that chill love trap vibe.

Adeptus – Ras Shamra

While I usually aim to show off new music, I felt that this classic track that I came across years ago would be worth showing off. Ras Shamra is an early Techno / Trance / Club track driven by an acid baseline and an addictive, melodic supersaw synth. I would seriously recommend checking out his other works such as Promise Of Dragon or Midnight Sun.

Bow Church – Winter Falls (ɱ ɪ ʟ κ ƴVVΛY remix)

Some icey icey witch house vibes here. Milky Way gets on the remix of Bow Church’s “Winter Falls”. A well composed song with an epic progression into some big supersaw chords.

Sub9k – Shadow Racks

Sub9k Is an up and coming artist that’s making lots of noise in the US underground trap scene. 9k provides us with some based flex music over some fire production by Based Deception. Lead by a driving, distorted sub bass, if you’re turning up for a party or function then you should defiantly include this on your playlist.

Deadcrow x hnrk – Program Failure

Wavemob producers Deadcrow and Hnrk recently dropped a wavy club banger that feels like something out of a futuristic action film. I also heard this one on the Liquid Ritual radio show in November. if, for whatever reason you are not familiar with wavemob then this is a good track that will introduce you to their unique sounds.

A Brief Introduction to Abstract Hip Hop Artist Hefe Heetroc

Hefe Heetroc Has Managed to land him self quiet the following as well as multiple blog post for his song.



Hefe Heetroc Is A cloud rap Artist out of the Los Angeles Area.

Hefe Heetroc Has Managed to land him self quiet the following as well as multiple blog post for his song.

( our next Article About Hefe Heetroc we will talk about how he managed to get him self 100 + music blog reviews )

S h r 0 0 m z


The video For Shrooms has received close to 15k views helping to show that Hefe Heetroc has A niche fanbase and Is deft an Artist to look out for.



We will have A more in depth look onto this Artist By Friday Make sure to stay tuned !





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Window Pane

I really Enjoy the feel that I get from the song Window Pane, it is A perfect mix of Anger, Sadness and just straight up heart wrenching Pain.




If you are not Familiar with Tyrant Xenos then this song would be an perfect Introduction.

Window Pane is A beautiful collaboration between Kel Killuminati, Izzo Kenpachi  with producer UΠDΣRRΔTΣ On the beat.

Overall I would like to say I really enjoy Xenos and the whole Tyrant / Rainwave Renegade movement it is for sure something to fuck with.



you can Also Check Out Window Pane On the Void Tracks Youtube channel


what I like about this song : Window Pane

I really Enjoy the feel that I get from the song Window Pane, it is A perfect mix of Anger, Sadness and just straight up heart wrenching Pain.

you can hear it in all of the artist involved in this song that they truly are about this shit and they bleed there craft.

The lyrics follow suit with this emotion.

“all you lame as fuck and all you do is follow trends I got passion, love this music, fuck the talkin’ i just do it, i just listen for improvement, and watch out for these illusions these bitches just cause confusion, they poison, and they pollution they hinder your evolution, stay on it before you lose it dark clouds full moon night sky feel alone and i don’t know why numb to the touch to the love they display i can’t explain”

“I never feel afraid, pussy nigga’ what’chu mean? So be careful what’chu say if you standin’ next to me stand up to the graves if you try to push me catch me smoking in the rain just to let my kush bleed through the window pane, people tryna’ change me I just listen to my brain and what the planet gave me aint’ nobody see like me so can’t nobody save me I be rollin’ in this bitch just raisin’ up my K/D raisin’ up my ratio, lookin’ through the telescope mother fuck the radio, I won’t let them play me, no watch the ex’s and them O’s, swear this life like Tic Tac Toe learnin’ lessons as I go, let em burn into my soul ”



I believe that If Xenos And the whole Rainwave renegade movement keeps pushing and doing what they are doing they have a good chance to make it really far !!..

I enjoy A lot of Xenos work and the dark edge he brings with his music is perfect.











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PK’s Picks #2 – SoundCloud SpotLight !

Hey everyone, it’s your boy PKSkyler back again with another edition of PK’s Picks – a semi regular feature where I sift through a ton of submitted and underground/outsider music to try to find out what YOU need to be peeping!! This week we’ll be doing a bit of a smorgasboard of SoundCloud artists in particular, so let’s dive right in!

DEXTRO by Yung Psyche ( prod. Emune ) Yung Psyche

Very catchy and smooth trap influenced cloud rap-ish song. I probably listened to this song like 10 times this week lol. From the artwork, you might think is some death metal song or some kind of edgy rap song but in reality you’ve got a classic here. Yung Psyche has some chilled out bars and an infectious hook. His bored, zoned out rapping style compliments the retro 80s anime feel of the sample the beat uses as well. My one gripe would be that the song is a tiny bit too short and I bet Yung Psyche has more rap bars and more energy saved up for us for use in another song. Shout outs to Emune and Yung Psyche for making a really nice low key song tho.  definitely would recommend a listen and a download and keeping these guys on your radar.
Final Score : 8/10
Listen to DEXTRO by Yung Psyche ( prod. Emune )


“JOHNCENA ( prod. SBOY)” by Max Wells johncena

Warning, fire inbound~ Max is an MC from Austin, Texas with a mission. This beat is super into that chill trap wave but there’s a great energy being brought to the table. However to be honest there was something about the way the track was mixed and mastered, it has a sort of artificial or robotic tinge to Max’s voice and his bars are already on fire, he doesn’t really need that extra stuff, also his ad libs were a little goofy for me. Coulda did without the “cannot see me john cena” mumbling at the end. All in all though definitely a nice track and am looking forward to the next banger.
Final Score- 7/10
Listen to Max Wells’ song JOHNCENA 

“Falling  Leaves” by NISH (KUMO VILLAGE) nish

Nish seems to be a producer from Stow, United states with his own knack for chilled out beats. This song “Falling Leaves” perfectly encapsulates a relaxing feeling into a nice 2 mins of smooth hip hop bliss. This song definitely gave me some Nujabes vibes and him being a super big influence of mine I definitely gravitate to the feeling this song emotes. It’s like you could relax by a river under the shade of the tree all day, without a care in the world. Also digging the somewhat lo fi sound here, gives off a nostalgic feel. Since it’s just an instrumental and it is simple i cant say it’s the best song I’ve ever heard but hey NISH, you’re now on my radar!
Final Score- 8/10
Listen to “Falling Leaves” by NISH ( KUMO VILLAGE)

“Trip ft Space Dolphin (Prod. TOO RAW)” by Johnny Gee johnny-gee

So first time I’m ever hearing any of these guys, forgive me if I mix up who is who. Thing that sticks out the most to me is this amazing instrumental (good shit TOO RAW) and a bit of a funny/upbeat energy and lyrics. I mean to be honest I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with some of the lyrics/adlibs/delivery. I’m not sure if it’s exactly my style but I do see it being a good party song. You can tell these guys don’t give a fuck bout bitches and they got the drugs and guap like that lol…Some of the lines and shit are just too funny for me “by my lonely you don’t know me so just give me face,” “different strains like candy stores, xans ate like candy bars” lol.  Highlights of the song would be the beat- just the way it’s so light, chimey and wavey in the background, the mixing and mastering there was done well- and I liked the verses more than the hook really. Rapping in a charismatic way like that is nice.
Final Score – 7/10 
Listen to “Trip ft Space dolphin (PROD. TOO RAW) by Johnny Gee
“Breathing Underwater” by Hiatus Kaiyote hiatus

I have never heard a song by this band until this one and WOW am I pleasantly surprised!! The lead singer of Hiatus Kaiyote, “napalm,” has such a great tone to her voice it accompanies this song perfect. You are gently serenaded by her voice, some light guitar and bubble sounds, until a big explosion of emotion into this sort of jazz fusion style where the guitar becomes played in a more upbeat fashion and even some synths start to make their way into the amalgamation. Midway through the song, if you’re accurately following the gentle waves of highs and lows Hiatus Kaiyote are expressing and if you aren’t getting that feeling of literally floating through the water and breathing it in, I guess it’s just not your style. Some people could say the song could end earlier however I enjoy them drawing it out a bit more for more of a reprise ending. This is some soulful stuff and I’m very interested to hear more!
Final Score 9/10
Listen to Breathing Underwater by Hiatus Koyote

” 🌑 New Royal Moon ( // . swirl) ” by JDez 力 jdez

Jdez is an underground hip hop artist and producer whos trying to push his own rap. This beat is super relaxing and reflective, perfect for the types of lines Jdez is saying. The entire song seems to be an expression of self and search for meaning. I do have to come down on Jdez a bit- there’s nothing with rapping slowly and i dig most of the bars/your flow, but i do gotta say there was a couple of parts of the songs didn’t flow exactly quite right, like trying to cram too much into one bar. I’m similar in my rapping style at times, it can be hard to discern what was a genuine mess up and which was done on purpose, but to strive for that perfection is a good goal.
Final Score 7/10
Listen to New Royal Moon by Jdez

So we had some really great up and coming music today! Really glad to hear all these great new tracks and review em. Be sure to send me your music, your friend’s music, anything you want reviewed! You can reach me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PKSkyler or send me an email PKSkyler@yahoo.com . Be on the lookout for more reviews soon! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

THE PILLOWS Announce new album and a tour

World renowned cult classic Japanese band “The PILLOWS” have announce a new album slated for release on March 8th, 2017

The new album “NOOK IN THE BRAIN” will have ten tracks, including one ” Osuama ni nare” which has been teaser’d as a single. It’s rumoured these tracks will be the same songs use in Season 2 of the anime FLCL, but it’s not confirmed as of yet.

The album will have a limited run of limited edition versions which will include some extra features like a DVD. There will also be normal editions of the album.

The tour will be in Japan starting early may and ending around July 22nd. 

THE PILLOWS are famous for their nostalgic, melancholy, 90s alternative/shoegaze sound, drawing influences from bands such as the Pixies, however they have been making music since the late 80s and have went through all sorts of genres, ranging from jazz to neo-psychadelica. 

A teaser for their new single can be found here New Pillowsv Song- Ousama ni nare


JDez 力 – this is the final straw (prod. jewfy)

JDez 力 – this is the final straw (prod. jewfy

I think that the Music video for this song Is very well done and should captivate viewers interest specially if they Might know who Tyrant Xenos Is and might have seen his video Renegade ||

JDez 力 – this is the final straw (prod. jewfy)

I wanted to get JDEZ on our blog sooner then later and I thought that this is the final straw would be a good introduction track to his music.

The beat production on this track is beautiful and Jewfy always puts in that work.

JDez 力 Flows on the track flawlessly with a Somewhat Melancholy flow that is hypnotic.

I really enjoy this style Of rap music and how the artist rides the beat and tells A unique story.

I think that the Music video for this song Is very well done and should captivate viewers interest specially if they Might know who Tyrant Xenos Is and might have seen his video Renegade ||

Tyrant Xenos


JDez 力 Is someone to look out for and I feel that he has some big plans for 2017 and I cant wait to see / here what else he works on,