I Hope You Got What You Wanted


Got What You Wanted ft. Massie Dome


Coming out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada Massie Dome is A Female Cloud rap /r&b producer / Singer and rapper.

she has recently performed and Is slowly making A name for her self.


We Wanted to show some support to our fellow Canadian Cloud rap and ambient artist that we wanted to share her Video.


Got What You Wanted video came out april 28th and showcases some very dreamy visuals.

The song it self and the visuals fit together very well.

Massie’s dreamed out flow suits the beat perfectly

( She produces most of her beats By her self I believe ).

*side note who hears the windows sample is that even a windows sample blahhahaha ?

Her beats often have a very chilled out Cloudrap / Vaportrap type feel that I really enjoy.

Make sure to check her out on soundcloud 



if you are looking for A new Female Singer / producer to get into





Journey through the Sleepergate !

The project starts off with a very Grovey ethereal feel.
Woke Up like This
Is the perfect track to just relax and meditate to,.

Today We will be taking A journey through the unconscious mind with MEWT8 and his New Project titled SLEEPERGATE 


I have Always enjoyed Mewt8’s work and Am Excited to receive the Cassette for Sleepergate.

I thought for the moment I would Do A little Bit of A review of Sleepergate

before the Cassette arrives

( Expect A sleepergate unboxing coming in A few weeks /end of the  month )




The project starts off with a very Grovey ethereal feel.

Woke Up like This

Is the perfect track to just relax and meditate to,.

spanning a duration of 5:52 sec this song is sure to have you searching your mind for answers to questions that have yet to be asked.

the opening dreamy feel of the 1st track sets The mood for the rest of the project so you can expect to be lulled off into a very deep meditative state!


I have Always enjoyed Mewt8’s work and love how Sleepergate has a very ambient type chill feel to it, but yet keeps a very future funk / chillwave drum beat.

This is a little bit different from some of Mewt8’s Prior work before that I have heard like his split with Meznoyume Titled


You can hear that

mew_t8 – Vera Arte

sounds alot different then


even tho the songs follow A similar kinda flow as it would seam andhave simularitys. you can hear Mewt8’s growth


I really do enjoy what I have heard from Sleepergate as of so far and Am really keen to do the unboxing!



I hear Mewt8 also has a release coming up on Flamingo Vapor.

Sometime today Maybe ??!!!!





Meznoyume – Helvetica Lost (featuring DJ Nizzy Nick)











Do you Shoppe with the GODS

”  mostly it’s just a very, very hard sound and an offering to the scene of my pure energy. THAT GODSHOPPE !!!!! “. 

Today I will be taking a look at


I heard about Lord mu from a fellow producer that I Collab with frequently.

sMonkVania was my 1st Introduction to LORD MU .


what In the F^ckk Is what most people would say when listening to this.

the 1st song

_lordMU is following you

Sounds like something you would expect to hear xxxtentacion Rapping on!.

Distorted bass and a heavy trap influence seams to be on this song.


This project tends to follow A more harder type soundscape that I  really enjoy.


h0ly$wagg is following you

I really enjoy this track as there are some vocals on the track.

The rapping is pre good, and offers some comedic relief.

This track has a very CUTE $wagged out feel.




”  mostly it’s just a very, very hard sound and an offering to the scene of my pure energy. THAT GODSHOPPE !!!!! “. 


INTERMISSION_ nmesh has sent you a mint!



I really Enjoy the hard Feel of this intermission track it brings me back to my old E.d.m Days




wosX is following you

I really enjoy whats going on in this song .

The Ambiance at the beginning that leads into A Nice chaotic array of sound is very unsettling.

The Use of the wosX sample Is Beautiful and I feel really makes this track.


LORD MU – ” I sent out tracks to my favorite people to remix; i wanted the hardvapour scene to organize around this sound, to add their own flair to it, even if it’s just me hearing what they do and thinking, “Ok, this is hardvapour according to Retrieval Corp. This is hardvapour according to wosX. This is hardvapour according to the harsh noise musician vader’s voice.”



If you haven’t checked out god shoppe yet then you better get on it








It would be a biig.mistake if you didn’t check this out … 

It would be a big mistake if you didnt check this out

biig.mistake - 19XX - cover.png

If you have not been aware T.E.G has been on a bit of a hiatus as I hant had  Wi-Fi at my apartment for most the summer but I thought I would still try to get a few review’s somewhat written at least .


19xx By Biig.mistake 

Is what I will be reviewing.

I was suggested to check this project out on Reddit and decided to give it a chance.

I am really impressed with the over all feel of the album and how everything sits. there is A really nice blend of Ambient,vaporwave and dream-pop in this project.

A few of my favorite songs are





these are my favorite songs because of the over all vibes I get from them


This song is 2:22 mins of pure awesomeness, The vibes are right with this one,

I enjoy the wavy feeling I get when listening to this track.


This track is just godlike in my opinion.

The Start to it is has very dark and gloomy grind feel to it that eventually brightens up into this beautiful tune.

The feeling of this song has a pleasant feel to it and once you feel like you could fall asleep on a cloud you get thrown back into the chaos of the grind loop.

this time it seams the grind loop continues to get more distorted as we near the end of the song


This Is an epic song that I find to be very dreamy.

This song slightly reminds me of the music in minecraft.

There is a beautiful intro that builds up to something more,

After this point it then leads into this hypnotizing melody that just takes you away and sets your mind a drift.

I really enjoy the overall replayability of this track



These are a few of my favorite songs from biig.mistake And I think that any vaporwave and experimental electro music listener would enjoy giving this a peep


Its a free download to btw !!




PK’s Picks #2 – SoundCloud SpotLight !

Hey everyone, it’s your boy PKSkyler back again with another edition of PK’s Picks – a semi regular feature where I sift through a ton of submitted and underground/outsider music to try to find out what YOU need to be peeping!! This week we’ll be doing a bit of a smorgasboard of SoundCloud artists in particular, so let’s dive right in!

DEXTRO by Yung Psyche ( prod. Emune ) Yung Psyche

Very catchy and smooth trap influenced cloud rap-ish song. I probably listened to this song like 10 times this week lol. From the artwork, you might think is some death metal song or some kind of edgy rap song but in reality you’ve got a classic here. Yung Psyche has some chilled out bars and an infectious hook. His bored, zoned out rapping style compliments the retro 80s anime feel of the sample the beat uses as well. My one gripe would be that the song is a tiny bit too short and I bet Yung Psyche has more rap bars and more energy saved up for us for use in another song. Shout outs to Emune and Yung Psyche for making a really nice low key song tho.  definitely would recommend a listen and a download and keeping these guys on your radar.
Final Score : 8/10
Listen to DEXTRO by Yung Psyche ( prod. Emune )


“JOHNCENA ( prod. SBOY)” by Max Wells johncena

Warning, fire inbound~ Max is an MC from Austin, Texas with a mission. This beat is super into that chill trap wave but there’s a great energy being brought to the table. However to be honest there was something about the way the track was mixed and mastered, it has a sort of artificial or robotic tinge to Max’s voice and his bars are already on fire, he doesn’t really need that extra stuff, also his ad libs were a little goofy for me. Coulda did without the “cannot see me john cena” mumbling at the end. All in all though definitely a nice track and am looking forward to the next banger.
Final Score- 7/10
Listen to Max Wells’ song JOHNCENA 

“Falling  Leaves” by NISH (KUMO VILLAGE) nish

Nish seems to be a producer from Stow, United states with his own knack for chilled out beats. This song “Falling Leaves” perfectly encapsulates a relaxing feeling into a nice 2 mins of smooth hip hop bliss. This song definitely gave me some Nujabes vibes and him being a super big influence of mine I definitely gravitate to the feeling this song emotes. It’s like you could relax by a river under the shade of the tree all day, without a care in the world. Also digging the somewhat lo fi sound here, gives off a nostalgic feel. Since it’s just an instrumental and it is simple i cant say it’s the best song I’ve ever heard but hey NISH, you’re now on my radar!
Final Score- 8/10
Listen to “Falling Leaves” by NISH ( KUMO VILLAGE)

“Trip ft Space Dolphin (Prod. TOO RAW)” by Johnny Gee johnny-gee

So first time I’m ever hearing any of these guys, forgive me if I mix up who is who. Thing that sticks out the most to me is this amazing instrumental (good shit TOO RAW) and a bit of a funny/upbeat energy and lyrics. I mean to be honest I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with some of the lyrics/adlibs/delivery. I’m not sure if it’s exactly my style but I do see it being a good party song. You can tell these guys don’t give a fuck bout bitches and they got the drugs and guap like that lol…Some of the lines and shit are just too funny for me “by my lonely you don’t know me so just give me face,” “different strains like candy stores, xans ate like candy bars” lol.  Highlights of the song would be the beat- just the way it’s so light, chimey and wavey in the background, the mixing and mastering there was done well- and I liked the verses more than the hook really. Rapping in a charismatic way like that is nice.
Final Score – 7/10 
Listen to “Trip ft Space dolphin (PROD. TOO RAW) by Johnny Gee
“Breathing Underwater” by Hiatus Kaiyote hiatus

I have never heard a song by this band until this one and WOW am I pleasantly surprised!! The lead singer of Hiatus Kaiyote, “napalm,” has such a great tone to her voice it accompanies this song perfect. You are gently serenaded by her voice, some light guitar and bubble sounds, until a big explosion of emotion into this sort of jazz fusion style where the guitar becomes played in a more upbeat fashion and even some synths start to make their way into the amalgamation. Midway through the song, if you’re accurately following the gentle waves of highs and lows Hiatus Kaiyote are expressing and if you aren’t getting that feeling of literally floating through the water and breathing it in, I guess it’s just not your style. Some people could say the song could end earlier however I enjoy them drawing it out a bit more for more of a reprise ending. This is some soulful stuff and I’m very interested to hear more!
Final Score 9/10
Listen to Breathing Underwater by Hiatus Koyote

” 🌑 New Royal Moon ( // . swirl) ” by JDez 力 jdez

Jdez is an underground hip hop artist and producer whos trying to push his own rap. This beat is super relaxing and reflective, perfect for the types of lines Jdez is saying. The entire song seems to be an expression of self and search for meaning. I do have to come down on Jdez a bit- there’s nothing with rapping slowly and i dig most of the bars/your flow, but i do gotta say there was a couple of parts of the songs didn’t flow exactly quite right, like trying to cram too much into one bar. I’m similar in my rapping style at times, it can be hard to discern what was a genuine mess up and which was done on purpose, but to strive for that perfection is a good goal.
Final Score 7/10
Listen to New Royal Moon by Jdez

So we had some really great up and coming music today! Really glad to hear all these great new tracks and review em. Be sure to send me your music, your friend’s music, anything you want reviewed! You can reach me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PKSkyler or send me an email PKSkyler@yahoo.com . Be on the lookout for more reviews soon! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

PK’s Picks Edition #0- PKSkyler(SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO ME!!)

Hey everyone! PKSkyler here! I’m going to start a (hopefully) weekly feature here at The Experimental Gateway where I highlight an Artist, one of their Songs, and one of their Releases. I’ll go in depth aboutwhat I like and don’t like about them, as well as introduce them to you all. I’ll give reccomendations similar to the artist, and finally i’ll give a score for the artist’s album. If you’re a lesser known artist and you want to be reviewed, send me a message! Email submissions to PKSkyler@yahoo.com . You can also find me on facebook easily~  PKSkyler’s Facebook
Tell me:
1.) your name, and your artist/band name
2.) a short bio
3.) song you wish to be reviewed as a single/standout track
4.) album/ep/mixtape/release you wish to be reviewed and listened to in full
5.) Social media/music links (Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc.)
6.) anything else you feel may be important

For this nonchalant and unofficial “episode” of PK’s Picks, let me just tell you a bit about myself.
I’m Skyler Nelson, AKA PKSkyler, an experimental hip hop artist based in San Diego, CA. I’ve been into music since I was a child, seriously addicted to all kinds, but I’ve just started MAKING music seriously this year. I’ve made music before, but never thought to try and really go for it until this year. I’ve got a huge varriety of influences, so many so that there’s too many to list.
One of my more popular songs is “Always Asleep.” The song basically is about how we wish to escape this world through things such as sleep, meditation, and perhaps otherwordly or unsavory means, and how life affects us, and how we must perserve (but its still just a chilled out rap song.). Listen to the single here
My main album is Life Of Skyler. I can’t review my own album but here it is.  Life Of Skyler I would love all of your feedback on my work!

Email submissions to PKSkyler@yahoo.com or contact me on Facebook! Peace!

Underground Vaporwave/Hip-Hop Spotlight 8/20/16: Justcallme by Nesta

Hello everyone! I’m a new writer known as PKSkyler. Today I’m going to be reviewing a track I stumbled across by an artist known as Nesta_. He seems to be hip hop and vaporwave influenced so I gravitated towards his music insantly as I love both these genres.

This song is called “Justcallme.”It is a Vaporwave track for sure and it comes off the album “Life As a Rose” and it is the final track off of Side A (the album is formatted like an old school vinyl LP.)

First I would like to say that the song follows a well established Vaporwave formula pre-set by the well known Macintosh Plus song; Use a slowed and pitched down song from the 80s that is normally relatively unknown, usually with a female singer with lyrics relating to love, and find the catchiest samples from the song.  (if you have no idea what I am talking about, look here Macintosh Plus Lisa Frank 420)

An objectively good Vaporwave song would follow this formula or slightly deviate from it while also keeping it’s own unique charm- ” Justcallme” does this very well. Nesta_ uses very smooth backing vocals and a looping catchy intro to set up the track’s delve into the singer’s love ballad. The song clocks in at 2:40 making it very addicting: unlike many vaporwave songs whichd rag on and on, this song’s infectious groove will make you replay it over and over. Props to Nesta, keep your eye on him!

Listen to Justcallme and check out Nesta_ here! “Justcallme” by Nesta_


A look at some new tracks from around the world

Here is A brief look At some Song’s I have found from artist all around the world. From Russia to Africa I hope you enjoy !! 



PHARAOH is a Russian rapper i discovered well on Facebook just looking around at stuff Lurking in groups and what not .

I really enjoy this song and how it sounds the bass is absolutely crazy.

Pharaoh Raps in his Native tongue i believe so i am not sure at all that he is really saying.

The video for this song is absolutely amazing and has a dark and eerie feel to it that you might enjoy if you check it out. I am defiantly going to be listening to more music by this artist.


Green Hipster

Green Hipster Is A Cloud Rapper From Africa that has been featured on The Blog Before This Artist Green hipster has improved a fair bit since the last time I heard Him.

His Song Sacred Cards Prod By ECCHIBOY w WINDWAKER is a big improvement I feel from the last song I have Heard from him.

Sacred Cards could Be A banger if it reached the right people and the right DJ’S. The Beat is very fresh and W A  V E Y.

The beat to this song sounds very ethereal and chill. The auto tuned parts are very well done and GREEN HIPSTER‘S Lyrics are amazing

Wizards who know my true nature will fuck wit me allow my self to be real man for eternity

sacred cards Sacred cards

Fill the gap fill the gap



Green Hipster Is Defiantly An Artist for you to look out for,

If you are interested in seeing more of GREEN HIPSTER

then check out his soundcloud account https://soundcloud.com/greenhipster

as well as the last Write up we did for his song Obi wan Kenobi here



If you are an Artist interested in having your song featured on our blog feel free to like our page and send us a msg





Swed Mercury And the Mass Mind Mob

Swed Mercury is deft an Artist on the come up you need to check out

I have been listening to this artist and his collective  alot and I have to say I love them and the style of music they create is awesome. If you are into Cloud Rap, Vapor rap or anything laid back and spacey I am Sure Swed Mercury can fix you up

Swed Mercury and the Mass Mind Mob have very quick production styles with about 4 tapes droped with in the last 3 monthes  all ranging between 4 to 5 songs each with production from #TeamSesh Members Cat Soup and Drew the Architect, As well as many other producers with some self produced tracks as well. I can deft See Mass Mind Mob Making a name for them selves and almost being as big as Team Sesh Or SBE some day.

A few of the Tracks that have caught my attention are remember, B L O O D, And glow


I Really Enjoy Remember and the story it tells. the Beat is very fresh I really enjoy the atmospheric type piano in it . The chorus to this song is very catchy and the word play is fun. This song really takes me on a trip and at the end of the Day I think all of us want our music to be Remembered.


Swed Mercury- B L O O D (Prod. Rain)


B l o o d is a very laid back trippy track that has a deep meaning you just have to find it. I really reflect with this song and how it kind of has a message where you gota leave some people behind to get to the place you need to be. The production and execution on this song is absolutely flawless. I really love the mummbly harmonized chorus it is very hypnotizing and dream like .


Swed Mercury- Glow (Prod. Doza Emms)


Glow is possibly one of my favorite songs by Swed The melodic-ness is perfect.

The double time flow on this song is very enjoyable and I really dig Sweds execution on this Track.   I really enjoy the messages That Swed Mercury hides in his songs and the emotions you get from his music are absolutely indescribable.


If you would like to Hear More of Swed mercury’s Music then Go and check him out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud





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sno forest – hatred an album you need to hear available on bandcamp as well as soundcloud !

There has been a slew of Releases lately By so many artist that It is getting hard to stay on top of everything well working 2 jobs, working on music and just the everyday struggles of life.

ANYWAY I have recently been listening to Sn0 Fores†  And His Project Hatred

finnal glitch image for hatred reposition.jpg


I have to say that I really Enjoy Hatred And I really like Sn0 Fores† And His Production Style. One of the songs that Have really caught my attention is Air Dash.

Air Dash is a very cloudy type beat that has a sample that i am sure everyone is familiar  with and will make you want to go get out there grab a go kart  and a dozen banana’s and have a good time . ( i was wrong with where i thought the sample came from it comes from sonic i believe )

I really enjoy the melody and over all feeling that I get from listening to  Air Dash .

I get the feeling that this track would be a really good track for a rapper to rap on or a singer to record some vocals on but eh then again those are just my thoughts .


I highly suggest you go check out Sn0 Fores† And his project Hatred

Available on Band camp as well as soundcloud




And for your downloading pleasure here is the Bandcamp Link



Make sure to stay tuned and go like my page on facebook !



I am slowly working on making a facebook page for this blog as well as a tumblr !!