Now the Question is are you to weird to live or Are you to Rare to Die ???

Too Weird To Live To Rare To Die is a 2 part album that takes you on a creative journey through Malick’s Mind .


Now the Question is are you to weird to live or Are you to Rare to Die ???


Too Weird To Live To Rare To Die is a 2 part album that takes you on a creative journey through Malick’s Mind .

overall this project is very well done and has recived a decent amount of attention on soundcloud.

This project features production from Metro Boomin As well as yung milli and a few other known artist.



here is a write up of a few songs off the project I really fuck with.

Ky$ 4 The Culture ft. FutureTrunk$ (Prod MALICKISDEAD)

Ky$ 4 The Culture ft. FutureTrunk$ (Prod MALICKISDEAD) features Trillpower Member Future Trunk$, this song is instant cloud Banger that you need to show your friends !.


I really fuck with this instrumental hard core and the energy for this song is crazy insane.

Future Trunk$ delivers it with his verse. This songs is just pure aggression for the span of 2 minutes and 39 seconds deft a song that you are going to want to listen to on a bad day.



Another Epic Song of of To Weird to Live to Rare to Die Is



DreamCacher is An amazing song Prod By Yung milli .

I heavily fuck with the concept of this song.

the lyrics are real and I feel the fuck the world vibe this song has at certain points. Malick always brings the fire with his music and I feel Dream catcher is a good representation of what he is going for.

overall I enjoy the parts where he stops to talk about random people that have been fucking with him. This song honestly is a perfect representation of what Artist go through on the Daily.



Another one of my favorite songs of this project has to be The Garden.

This song is absolutely amazing and I really dig the fleetwood mac sample of landslide that is used what a beautiful song.

The lyrics on this song really hit home for me and are on point as at times I feel like I am to weird for most people to understand and just awkward.

This song honestly gives me the feels .




Overall Too rare to die and Too weird to live is an amazing project and should not be slept on by the masses !.


Malick has a lot of potential to make it far in this game and I cant wait to see what he does next !.


PK’s Picks Edition #0- PKSkyler(SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO ME!!)

Hey everyone! PKSkyler here! I’m going to start a (hopefully) weekly feature here at The Experimental Gateway where I highlight an Artist, one of their Songs, and one of their Releases. I’ll go in depth aboutwhat I like and don’t like about them, as well as introduce them to you all. I’ll give reccomendations similar to the artist, and finally i’ll give a score for the artist’s album. If you’re a lesser known artist and you want to be reviewed, send me a message! Email submissions to . You can also find me on facebook easily~  PKSkyler’s Facebook
Tell me:
1.) your name, and your artist/band name
2.) a short bio
3.) song you wish to be reviewed as a single/standout track
4.) album/ep/mixtape/release you wish to be reviewed and listened to in full
5.) Social media/music links (Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc.)
6.) anything else you feel may be important

For this nonchalant and unofficial “episode” of PK’s Picks, let me just tell you a bit about myself.
I’m Skyler Nelson, AKA PKSkyler, an experimental hip hop artist based in San Diego, CA. I’ve been into music since I was a child, seriously addicted to all kinds, but I’ve just started MAKING music seriously this year. I’ve made music before, but never thought to try and really go for it until this year. I’ve got a huge varriety of influences, so many so that there’s too many to list.
One of my more popular songs is “Always Asleep.” The song basically is about how we wish to escape this world through things such as sleep, meditation, and perhaps otherwordly or unsavory means, and how life affects us, and how we must perserve (but its still just a chilled out rap song.). Listen to the single here
My main album is Life Of Skyler. I can’t review my own album but here it is.  Life Of Skyler I would love all of your feedback on my work!

Email submissions to or contact me on Facebook! Peace!

The Nocturnal

The Nocturnal By Future Trunk$ A project you should not Sleep on. Future Trunks is one of the MOST hard working artist out there with what seams to one the best work ethic I have seen in a while.

A Project To Look out for is The Nocturnal By Future Trunks.

Future Trunk$ Is a very Dedicated Canadian Artist / visionary.

He Has Been grinding For An moment Now and does not plan on Letting up.

Future Trunks is one of the MOST hard working artist out there with what seams to one the best work ethic I have seen in a while.

He Has A Quickly expanding Discography that you W I L L need to keep up on.

I Really Enjoy Future Trunk$ and his style. The video for his song radium is very pleasing an has a beautiful glitch type edit to it. This makes the video feel very nostalgic and Strange.



I Highly Suggest Checking Out The Nocturnal On Sound cloud specially if your into Intellectual Real Canadian Hip hop that has a psychedelic twist to it.

The Nocturnal Has production From Team Sesh producers Drew the Architect, the virus and antidote,

As well as Production From Trillpower Collective Member Yung Rizla,  and Many others this is a project you should not sleep on and should check out







sno forest – hatred an album you need to hear available on bandcamp as well as soundcloud !

There has been a slew of Releases lately By so many artist that It is getting hard to stay on top of everything well working 2 jobs, working on music and just the everyday struggles of life.

ANYWAY I have recently been listening to Sn0 Fores†  And His Project Hatred

finnal glitch image for hatred reposition.jpg


I have to say that I really Enjoy Hatred And I really like Sn0 Fores† And His Production Style. One of the songs that Have really caught my attention is Air Dash.

Air Dash is a very cloudy type beat that has a sample that i am sure everyone is familiar  with and will make you want to go get out there grab a go kart  and a dozen banana’s and have a good time . ( i was wrong with where i thought the sample came from it comes from sonic i believe )

I really enjoy the melody and over all feeling that I get from listening to  Air Dash .

I get the feeling that this track would be a really good track for a rapper to rap on or a singer to record some vocals on but eh then again those are just my thoughts .


I highly suggest you go check out Sn0 Fores† And his project Hatred

Available on Band camp as well as soundcloud




And for your downloading pleasure here is the Bandcamp Link

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Hey Everyone what Is up!!. Today I am going to Be Looking At the Song Called Alone By FutureTrunk$

Hey Everyone what Is up!!. Today I am going to Be Looking At the Song Called Alone By FutureTrunk$ ( Future Trunk$ Is A canadian Artist From The Vancouver Area )


Alone Has A very Heavy beat That could Possibly Kill your Headphones. I Highly Suggest you check this song Out On A good System. Alone Is Produced By  The Virus and Antidote.

( The Virus And Antidote is a Producer who has produced songs for Bones )



Alright Now Back to the Song Called Alone By Future Trunk$.

The Beat is very well produced By The Virus And Antidote. Future Trunk$ Brings A bit of A rap-core feel to this songs beat that Some People May find A bit Edgy and uncomfortable to hear. I personally really Like the Rap Core style to this song, It is A nice refresher from most the other Artist in the Vaporwave / Cloudrap type genres that stick to there clouded sounds and dreamlike state. I Highly Suggest you Check Out Future Trunk$ and his Project that Is set to come out in A month Or 2 !!.

If you are interested in hearing more of Future Trunk$ then check Out His Soundcloud

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