Calling all house wife’s.


House Wife Records (HWR) is A label based out of Ontario, Canada, And they specialize in musical oddities.

I have browsed HWR discography and merch on Bandcamp and they have alot of interesting stuff.

what really Caught my Eye was



Aural Explication

The thing that interested me the most about

Aural Explication

was its description

‘Aural Explication’ is a musical puzzle presented completely deconstructed and waiting to be pieced together. Ten individual tracks are spread across ten discs which are meant to be ripped and edited into one monumental soundgasm. The tracks contained in these discs are yours to keep and use however you see fit, and you are encouraged to share your results. Housed in a custom, numbered box with bonus postcard. 

I did Purchase Aural Explication With the intentions of doing An Unboxing video Anda sampling video,

I Received the package and got to work with this unboxing video.

expect to see the sampling video soon !!.





Stay tuned for more unboxing videos.




Heck Its About Time For A New Article : A Reintroduction to Noise Music

A Reintroduction to Noise Music : With A little Heck From My Friends by See you in Heck,

Its Been A while since our last Update And I hope that everyone Is doing well.

Today I thought It would Be Kool to do A bit of A reintroduction to Noise Music



Heck is A noise Artist From Pennsylvania who has A number of Songs Available for Download on Bandcamp



with alittleheck.jpg

.​.​. with a little |​-​| 3 (( |< from my friends

With A little Heck From My Friends

released July 28, 2017

Vocal Noise – Becka Lundy
Noise – Thor Speeler and Charlie Dubuc
Synth and Outro – Nick Sweat

Arranged by Thor Speeler

Album art by Justin Barlow

PART 1 :

clocking in At 9mins and 46 seconds part 1 is an interesting embrace to Noise Music.

I find It really hard to review Noise at times because of the Bias of the genera is

” the expressive use of noise within a musical context. This type of music tends to challenge the distinction that is made in conventional musical practices between musical and non-musical sound.” Says Wikipedia.

With that said to listen and enjoy Noise Music You have to be one of 3 things Deaf, really open minded,or a pretentious dick.


Thats A joke As I feel Noise Music is a solid candidate pushes the boundaries of experimentation

Part one has a lot of white noise clashing, rise’s and drops of frequency’s and sounds that are sure to captivate any Noise Music fans Attention.

At times This piece really reminds you of A distant or weird re occurring dream of being at a haunted house and your just walking in. you can hear a mesh of different sounds coming from different cd players, and noise makers located with in different rooms and locations, Confused you press on through out the Haunted house.

Really enjoy part 1 as background music well planing out My week and scheduling Post.




PART 2 :


Part 2 I feel is really the creme da la crop in this project having more of A synth heavy type feel,

Part 2 dances around between a few distorted synth melody’s that have some major Issues If you get what I mean ;).

Dark Orchestral organs with layered saw style sounding synths wreak havoc abon the windy and wizard of oz esc styled canopy of this track.

Almost in an way that makes me never want to go back to Kansas.



|-| 3 (( |<  Also Plays In A Band Called




Flamingo Chicks Music




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I wanted to let you guys know about the artist by the name of Sleepisformortals

Sleepisformortals has a lot of things in the works and has been dropping singles on soundcloud for about 6 months now.


Alot Of Sleepisformortals Songs tend to have a very dark sound to them.

I got Into Contact With Sleepisformortals And asked him A few quick questions about what motivates him and his sound.

Sleepisformortals is influenced by Noise, thrash metal and modern punk.

you can defiantly here these influences in his music



One of the songs I really enjoy by Sleepisformortals I feel is almost inspired by true events.

Sleep has said growing up he was often alone and was ridiculed and ostracized for his strange appearance,

coming from an urban area of London, ( Uk ) he found peace and friendship with the dead.

As many run from the idea of death Sleep has Embraced it as its a similarity everything faces no mater who we are or what we look like,


PK’s Picks #1 -aoi’s “1”

     Welcome to the first official segment of PK’s Picks. I’m PKSkyler, and I regularly siphon through the best lesser known music I can find on the depths of the internet and bring it to you in a casual review style format. Today’s choice was emailed to me about a week ago, and I’ve had a few enjoyable listens since then. We’ll be sending our ears on a quest through a relaxing symbiosis into a new musical world with this enticing bandcamp oddity ” 1 “, the debut EP by aoi.
     From what I’ve been able to gather, aoi is an independent composer, musician, and producer from Montreal,Québec. He studies molecular biology at the University of Montreal, and he also studied jazz music performance for bass guitar in the past. His debut album/EP “1” was created on his laptop over the summer and during autumn, which he released on October 22 of this year . It is experimental in genre, iinfluenced by post-rock, electronica, alternative, progressive rock, jazz and classical. I would label it along the lines of something like “electric prog?” I don’t know, but it’s good stuff, reminiscent of influences from artists like Radiohead or Pink Floyd, yet on some Scott Pilgrim style video game adventure.  
    We start this album off with “wavelings” a chilled out and spacey yet well structured opening instrumental. It opens with some pretty synths and guitars, which aoi increasingly adds more layers of as well as some electronic ambience. I eventually get the feeling of being in the Egyptian desert searching for an oasis, and finding illusions, yet continuing my voyage.
    The next two tracks change the tone to something even more distant and far from this world. It seems we have left or are leaving Earth, or at least found lands yet undiscovered. The electronic and upbeat yet dangerous nature track 2 puts off reminds me of some tracks off the Castle Crashers OST. A relaxing, and yet foreboding sample of a woman talking enigmatically appear at the end of track 3- “the void between“, seeming to warn us of the potential perils of our journey and human nature….who is this mysterious voice? She speaks the first and only words on the album.
     I personally really enjoy tracks 4 and 5. They feel like something pulled straight out of a video game set in some futuristic or at least technologically advanced setting- one with a great composer. Now that I mention it, this entire soundtrack would be fitting for a video game with its reliance of electric noises and synths in pretty much every track.
     Track 6 is the first to use some piano which I really enjoyed and felt it helped close out the song and bring us to the final track masterfully which is track 7, “waltz for ioa draconis“. It has the most fitting title of any track and is in my opinion the most emotionally charged. It’s incredibly soulful and melancholy, yet stays true to its title of being well…a waltz. You feel as if you are drifting back and forth in a sense, dancing in circles, the powerful electric guitar ballad helping drive your movements and paint this picture in your mind. The album leaves us with a sense of fulfillment from our journey, yet desire for comprehension of the meaning from it.

     The entire album is incredibly cohesive, relying on the previous and following tracks to help mesh together a seamless listening experience. You can also tell aoi has studied music and took care designing these songs, employing electroacoustics to his advantage. Some listeners may find qualms with the lack of any lyrical content whatsoever or what can seem to be the droning on and on nature of prog rock in general, however I personally find this EP to be relaxing and enjoyable to listen to, as well as not too distracting. It’s something you could put on while doing homework, in my opinion. That doesn’t make it boring and detract from its interesting sounds and textures though, although I can admit some listeners would be turned off by how the album was made all electronically, and goes through its variations a bit slowly. I also felt that the album performs best when listened to in one sitting, which can be seen as a negative to some as well. However all in all I would still recommend this to others and will have many more listens. I am looking forward to hearing more of what aoi will be releasing.

Final Score: 8/10

   Next week I’ll be checking out another lesser known gem. Feel free to send your submissions or anything you want to check out to me or my email, Thanks for reading.

PK’s Picks Edition #0- PKSkyler(SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO ME!!)

Hey everyone! PKSkyler here! I’m going to start a (hopefully) weekly feature here at The Experimental Gateway where I highlight an Artist, one of their Songs, and one of their Releases. I’ll go in depth aboutwhat I like and don’t like about them, as well as introduce them to you all. I’ll give reccomendations similar to the artist, and finally i’ll give a score for the artist’s album. If you’re a lesser known artist and you want to be reviewed, send me a message! Email submissions to . You can also find me on facebook easily~  PKSkyler’s Facebook
Tell me:
1.) your name, and your artist/band name
2.) a short bio
3.) song you wish to be reviewed as a single/standout track
4.) album/ep/mixtape/release you wish to be reviewed and listened to in full
5.) Social media/music links (Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitter, etc.)
6.) anything else you feel may be important

For this nonchalant and unofficial “episode” of PK’s Picks, let me just tell you a bit about myself.
I’m Skyler Nelson, AKA PKSkyler, an experimental hip hop artist based in San Diego, CA. I’ve been into music since I was a child, seriously addicted to all kinds, but I’ve just started MAKING music seriously this year. I’ve made music before, but never thought to try and really go for it until this year. I’ve got a huge varriety of influences, so many so that there’s too many to list.
One of my more popular songs is “Always Asleep.” The song basically is about how we wish to escape this world through things such as sleep, meditation, and perhaps otherwordly or unsavory means, and how life affects us, and how we must perserve (but its still just a chilled out rap song.). Listen to the single here
My main album is Life Of Skyler. I can’t review my own album but here it is.  Life Of Skyler I would love all of your feedback on my work!

Email submissions to or contact me on Facebook! Peace!

An Introduction to Noise !

A side Of Experimental Music the gateway has not touched on Is noise.

What is noise you might be asking well noise is a genre of music that was formed from electronic music and free improvisation I belive. Noise music is often associated with loud distorted sounds and hard to hear vocals and white noise.

Some of you are probably saying why the hell would I listen to that and some of you may be interested about hearing more about this.

A side Of Experimental Music the gateway has not touched on Is noise.

What is noise you might be asking well noise is a genre of music that was formed from electronic music and free improvisation I believe. Noise music is often associated with loud distorted sounds and hard to hear vocals and white noise.

Some of you are probably saying why the hell would I listen to that and some of you may be interested about hearing more about this.

Tomás Pérez

Tomás Pérez is a perfect example of a noise producer you need to check out. His band camp is filled up with all kinds of albums and tunes you should go and check out. A few of his songs that have caught my attention and I think would be good to take a look at are.

catharsis (intro) of his VORTEX EP 渦

Xass 3 from his Rerum Project with apisdafry

8 bit madness part 2 from his 8 BIT MADNESS project


catharsis (intro)

Catharsis has a very nice ambient droning feel to it that has some sort of chanting in the background that makes you feel like your at a monk ritual. the ambiance in this song makes it sound like it came straight out of a movie’s backing sound track.

I feel that a lot of Tomás Pérez Music would be perfect as samples and this is a perfect example of that !.




Xass 3

xass 3 is a very synth type 8 bit sounding noise type song , I again think that if you are a producer Tomás Pérez is deft someone to look into for sampling. This track is very amazing and i really enjoy it The Rerum Project was very interesting and a very good combination of style


8 bit Madness is possibly one of my favorite projects by Tomás Pérez

this project is very old school video game sounding and there are some really good parts in the overall album that had me lost in a drift of sounds and thoughts.

pleeps and wubs. I really love this project and think that Tomas Perez should Add a bit more 8 bit into his Noise projects 🙂



Tomás Pérez Is A perfect Example of An Noise Artist to Pay attention he has a pre stacked discog on bandcamp and is an overall very sweet dude make sure to check his music out !!!




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