The Best of Soundcloud 2017

Hello to all the readers of this blog. First off I just want to apologise for my absence as I’ve been busy with Uni, working on my own music and video games to the point where i haven’t been writing articles for a while. I hope to be more consistent this year in providing you guys with some heat from various sides of the underground online music world.

Druidic – Alpha Channels


Usually in my best of Soundcloud articles I post single tracks, however I have to show you guys this whole EP because its just too good to only pick one song really. Alpha Channels is a Metal / Rock EP and each track is crafted with the intention of telling a story with each song. From the gentle, warm plucks heard in -WERIFESTERIA- to the dark, shadowy sounds in -DESTINY-. Press play and you will be memorised by the spectrum of sounds that Druidic has created.

Klasey Jones – Cement

BOI i’ve been waiting so long for this track to finally get released on Terrorhythm. I First heard this track on the Liquid Ritual show /w Kareful and Tyler back in November. Cement gives us a taste of whats going on in the UK Beat music scene. Dark yet bouncy vibes that takes influences from grime and 2010 UK Dubstep. I would really recommend keeping an eye out for Klasey Jones as he’s set to be doing big things later this year.

Sʟɪᴍ Gᴜᴇʀɪʟʟᴀ – Jaw Talking 1995 (Prod. Genshin)

Lo – Fi classic southern hip hop done right. If you like the sounds of Three Six Mafia or Spaceghostpuurp then you will enjoy what Slim Guerilla has to offer. A fire flow over some dark, deep and aggressive production from Genshin. If you ever get into some beef with someone, play this track and I guarantee you will win no matter what. You can check out his full project which he just recently released called “BLUE LIGHT CEMETARY 1995

Bummy Boi – Sandy (w/ nekomimi (+ luvfexx)

Bummy Boi gives us a chill, comical and fun track with a style that seems to take a bit of influence from early 2000 RnB. Droptop, Teardrop is also worth checking out if you’re into that chill love trap vibe.

Adeptus – Ras Shamra

While I usually aim to show off new music, I felt that this classic track that I came across years ago would be worth showing off. Ras Shamra is an early Techno / Trance / Club track driven by an acid baseline and an addictive, melodic supersaw synth. I would seriously recommend checking out his other works such as Promise Of Dragon or Midnight Sun.

Bow Church – Winter Falls (ɱ ɪ ʟ κ ƴVVΛY remix)

Some icey icey witch house vibes here. Milky Way gets on the remix of Bow Church’s “Winter Falls”. A well composed song with an epic progression into some big supersaw chords.

Sub9k – Shadow Racks

Sub9k Is an up and coming artist that’s making lots of noise in the US underground trap scene. 9k provides us with some based flex music over some fire production by Based Deception. Lead by a driving, distorted sub bass, if you’re turning up for a party or function then you should defiantly include this on your playlist.

Deadcrow x hnrk – Program Failure

Wavemob producers Deadcrow and Hnrk recently dropped a wavy club banger that feels like something out of a futuristic action film. I also heard this one on the Liquid Ritual radio show in November. if, for whatever reason you are not familiar with wavemob then this is a good track that will introduce you to their unique sounds.


Best of Soundcloud II


Ever came across an artist that you’ve never heard of before and suddenly you spend the rest of the evening going through their lengthy discography? Shampoogod’s beats are smooth with an addictive layer of warm nostalgia on top. “Lightning” has some great pads that really complements the overall vibe of the tune. I seriously recommend you check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp, where he has many beats available for you to enjoy.

Cosmic Cycler – Remember This Night

Slow and chilled is the order of the day here. “Remember This Night” is a vaporware styled track with an amazing sample. If you’re bringing a girl over, forget Netflix & chill, just play this track and she will get the message immediately.

BVLLVH – Rest Well, I’ll See You Again

Big trap drums and beautiful vocals. “Rest well” is a pretty lit song that could defiantly go down well at a party or club

Kloudeath – Drugged Out At 5th Street (/W lil Louie)

This track has a dark, pop punk vibe to it. Koudeath lays down his vocals over a trippy beat produced by Tundra. A lot of elements of this track, mainly the verses remind me of early Yung Lean (cirica Unknown Death 2002. Classic.)

Trey Skies – Castles

Hidden Jewels members Trey Skies and Windwaker team up on this track that could easily go down as a classic. Windwaker delivers a beautiful, Sombre, well produced beat that does a great job at complimenting Trey Skies Icy, depressing flow. This track is off his latest EP “Death Of Me” and I recommend checking out the whole project which oozes with a melancholy style very unique to Trey Skies.

Yume – Colours (Uyama Flip)

Here’s a track that’s nice and chill. “Colours” is an ambient, soulful instrumental that feels very fitting to listen to on a autumn afternoon.

CVRL – Crossing

Wavemob member CVRL from Denmark gives us a trance influenced wave beat that’s as chill as it is euphoric. This is defiantly one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while as the synths compliment the mesmerizing vocals very well.

GLDEN – Close My Eyes

With an addictive hook and some great production by YungJZA, “Close My Eyes” is a downbeat track with a guitar lead and some booming 808’s. The whole vibe of this track is rather “emo” and feels like a throwback to the early 2000s pop punk sound with some modern trap overtones.

Sn0 Forest’s Vault: Episode 1

Hello everyone and shoutout to those of you that still read and keep up with this blog. Today I’ve decided to start a new series alongside my Best of Soundcloud articles where I will be showing you guys some of my favourite albums and EP’s of all time, crossing many different genres. I want to do this not only to show you guys some cool music, but also so that you guys can see where I draw most of my inspiration from with my music. By the way I am working on a new best of Soundcloud for this week so keep an eye out for that.

John B – In:Transit / Future Refrence (DnB)

John B is quite possibly one of my favourite artists to this day. He is a British drum and bass producer who has been around since the 90s. However, what sets him apart from most on the scene is that his DnB tends to take influence from many different genres of music such as trance, jazz and synthpop. I like most of John B’s work, but Future Reference is probably my most played album of his and if you take a listen for yourself you can see why. Future Reference shows off John B’s variety of styles when it comes to DnB. “Forever” is a soft, alluring liquid DnB track with vocals and synths that can easily put you in a trance. On the other hand, “Show Me The Way” is a dark and aggressive track that still keeps a light overtone through the use of the vocal sample. “B Mine (Remix)” is a pretty unique jazzy DnB track that’s led by a saxophone, followed by a pulsing synth section for some contrast.

His album In:Transit deserves a worthy mention too. “Mercury Skies” is a smooth vocal DnB track with a pretty epic build up, while “Sight beyond” is an ode to the classic dark rolling DnB sound that came from the 90s. “Broken Language” is a dance floor slammer that has a nice vocal break followed by choppy baselines and big drums.

She – Chiptune Memories


She is a chiptune electronica artist from Sweden. I first heard his album “Chiptek” and ever since then, I’ve been hooked to his nostalgic 8 bit sound. Chiptune Memories was released last year and is my favourite project of his to date. The whole album has a classic pop vibe to it whilst retaining its 8 bit chiptune sound. “Chiptune Memories” is a rather catchy track that to me, crosses elements of early 2000 Brittany Spears esque pop with an 8 bit, eurobeat influenced instrumental. Soft and alluring, “Nostalgic Vibes” brings the pace down a little. Only this time around She brings us a modern synthwave sound that’s drenched with his signature chiptune spirit.

The whole project features sounds created from the Nintendo Gameboy, NES and Sega FM Chip as well as synthesizers such as the Yamaha DX7. The album can be streamed for free on Spotify:

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this post!

The Return of Best Of Soundcloud!!!

Hi and welcome to my official return to the best of Soundcloud. First of all I would like to apologise for my absence from the best of Soundcloud weekly posts. I’ve been busy with uni and my own music these past few months. I have also been having a bit of a rough time with my mental health but you should all know that i’m doing fine at the moment and things are starting to look better. Tomorrow I will be making a seperate post showcasing some albums and EP I have been enjoying lately to make up for my absence. Anyway, let’s check out some new sounds

9K Strip Club – Five Finger Posse

Working on dying member FORZA comes through on the production of this track with his familiar signature dark, melodic and gritty sound. Five Finger Posse flex all over this hyphy track with their drill influenced lyrics which gives off a Three Six Mafia / Spaceghostpurrp influenced sound. 9K Strip club is defiantly one of their hottest tracks and is bound to tear up any club. I Seriously recommend checking out their whole tape “The Bitter End

Pure – Sidewalks and Skeletons

Those of you that follow this blog that’s into witch house and dark electronica are probably already familiar with Sidewalks and Skeletons. For those of you who aren’t familiar, then this track is a good start. S&S’s music has a wonderful, addictive spirit to it and “Pure” from his album “Wight Light” is no exception. The track starts with a haunty vocal sample and floaty, melodic elements sitting atop a sweet saw baseline before the song then transitions into the breakdown where we hear a thought provoking quote regarding the subject of death. this is then followed by my favourite part of the track, where the lush, downbeat spacey atmospheric pad chords come in, giving the whole track an angelic ytet depressing vibe. This song right here is for all you lone wolfs out there who despise the “normies” that rejected them.

Calling Me, Right Now – Pollàri

The melodic trap wave is really popular right now and Pollari really delivers with this track. This whole track gives of an RnB influenced vibe with Pollari addictive, melodic voice, over Sensei ATL’s chill and soulful production that sounds like it was somewhat influenced by synthwave / vaporware. Please don’t sleep on this track or any of Pollari’s works.

Skit x Cvrl – Nova

This track is sweet and beautiful. Top Notch wave music with some great synth work by 2 of the biggest pioneers of wave music around. there’s not a lot I can really say about this track, just listen and feel for yourself 🙂 `

Grid – Triangle

More witchy vibes for you to check out. Powerful supersaw bassline under a high pitched synth with vocal sprinkled on the track is the order of the day here. Check this one out and prepare to be entranced by the tracks hollow aesthetics.

Ra//in – VOX

Here’s some chill, ambient music for you. Vox is a very atmospheric beat with a smooth gliding pad and vocal that carries the song, leaving lots of room for the drums to make and nice impact and tie the whole tune together.

Voyage – Since When x Slight

Another chill beat for you guys (Chill seems to be the theme of this post today). This track has some nice drums and an addictive bassline that flows nicely through the track. Let this songs beautiful aesthetics uplift and inspire you as we all continue to try to make sense of this crazy world, our surroundings and our fellow man.

Nakura – Daydreamer

This is a nice little future bass track that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. The track starts up with some upbeat prog house synths chords that’s then met with some more sweet synths and mellow drums that give off the feeling of daydreaming in your bedroom on a nice summer evening.

The Best of Soundcloud [Week 8]

Samurai Pope – Arctic Tear

“Arctic Tear” is a track that sounds exactly like how you imagine it would. Icy chords plus a slamming 808 makes for an interesting yet chill beat.

Sake – Ashtray

If you like TRASH LORD, Drew the Architect or any other producer that makes minimal style trap then this is a track you should enjoy. Despite the minimal sounds, I could see this track being played out in a club or a party. The track begins with some swelling pads and a deep sub bass before it transitions into a big pitch bent 808 drop.

Haardtek x Astral – Conquest

Massive collaboration by Haardtek and Astral here. Conquest is a deep, majestic track which features some crazy drum patterns sprinkled with samples all throughout the track including the nostalgic PS2 startup sound. The hyped up beats are nicely contrasted with the angelic breakdowns and hollow synths. Some of my other favourite tracks by haardtek is “Flowers” and “Cemetery

This is ▲д – ▲д – mgla

Here’s some chilling, witchy vibes for you to play on a rainy day. The track is centered around a dark, yet healing vocal sample that sounds like something straight out of a religious horror movie.


“Sick” is a cool cloud trap banger that contains everything that makes cloud trap so good. Dope 808 patterns, potent drums and some nice samples thrown in, soaked in delay and reverb.

Koji – Mirror

Fresh new upload by koji. “Mirror” is a pretty technical track that features a crazy bassline juxtaposed with a variety of synths, samples and effects that come together to make this dramatic beat that sounds heavily inspired by glitch hop.

Negative – FD

Shout out to all the Initial D fans that follow us. This track sounds like how it would feel to be cruising down akagi hill in an RX7 at 10:30pm. A gentle, chilling pad make up the the melodic layer of the song, driven by a fat kick and sub bass to complete the wavy vibes this track brings. This track would actually feel right at home as part of a racing game soundtrack.

Thank you to everyone that follows this blog and likes my best of soundcloud segments. Before I wrap up this post, I want to do a little self plug and share with you guys my latest, 80s inspired synthwave track that I made entitled “’86 Midnight Runner” which can be heard on my soundcloud link below.

The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 7]

Pierquin – Back Home ft N-zyme

Pierquin is an Alternative/Experimental Rap & Hip Hop artist born in Oxford and raised in Scotland. He has recently just dropped this track on his bandcamp and this is probably one of my favourite tracks at the moment. I was never really a huge fan of UK rap, however “Back Home” is a great, textbook UK Rap/Hip Hop track. Pierquin comes through with a Great flow and thoughtful, relatable lyrics (more so if you’re from the UK 🙂) over some warm, homely production by AshFX. N-Zyme makes a nice features on the track as well. Some notable moments in the track that I particularly liked is the chorus

“Remember when i said you were a star? Shining in the gutter, beneath the moon”

and the first verse “There’s no tomorrow, this life is borrowed, Lack of sorrows got me grinning like i won the lotto”.
For me, this track as a whole does a seriously good job at evoking the indescribable feelings of being in my quaint little hometown, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. and this is something that you should play on a sunday afternoon while rolling up 🙂

Stream here:

丂┼▲RK▲D – You Are Mine

“You are Mine” is a classic-pop influenced witch house track that strikes a balance between melancholy and euphoric. I paticuarly like the vocals on this track as it remindes me of some early 2000 DDR trance pop.

Honda Civic – South ward /w Valence

Honda Civic is a artist that iv’e only come across recently and iv’e been enjoying his material lately. In my eyes he’s definitely one to watch considering he’s been dropping tracks pretty consistently on soundcloud and also has an album in the works. South ward featuring Valence is a beautiful, soulful track that sounds like it has some oriental asian influences. South ward is a track that should be played cruising around the city during sunset.

Arkanoid74 – Exfiltration

Most of my readers should be familiar with retrowave synthpop. If not, then you should know that retrowave synthpop is basically a modern revival of the classic 80s/90s synthpop sound. “Exfiltration” starts off with a nice chord progression and bassline with a smooth groove to it. The loud , sustained melodic synth layers complement the track nicely as well. Just listen to this track and feel the nostalgia from a time before smartphones, power steering and political correctness.

Kyddiekafka – Dark Times

“Dark Times” comes from Kyddiekafka’s latest EP “Downfall”. This track has a strong PARTYNEXTDOOR meets Team Sesh vibe. Deep sub bass, haunting vocals and resonant strings come together to sonically replicate the feeling of sitting outside on the rooftop on a cloudy day.

Syntax – Shion

The purpose of the experimental gateway is to bring you new and interesting music from the underground through different genres of electronica, “Shion” is a dark, synth heavy track which seems to take influence from modern synthwave and Industrial. I quite like the choice of drums and the arpeggiated synths that run all over the track. The overall vibe of the track feels like a ode to the cyber-punk/cyber-goth aesthetic and it sounds like something that would fit right into the classic futuristic racing game “Wipeout“.

Lil Yuri – Gengar

One of my favorite artists at the moment lil yuri has just recently dropped this new track on his soundcloud. Lil Yuri is a bladee inspired producer/vocalist that makes beats with big, snappy drums and lucid, dreamlike synth layers. “Gengar” is no exception to this, as its a great track with some extreme sidechaining. Some of my other favourites by Yuri is “I Dnt Want To Die” and “Dream World“.

Lil Tracy – Desire

Lil Tracy, formerly known as “Yung Bruh” is an artist from the GOTHBOICLIQUE Collective. “Desire” is the first track off the GOTHBOICLIQUE tape “Yeah It’s True” and is a great introduction to Lil Tracy and the Goth Boi sound. With amazing atmospheric production by Zekebeats, Lil Tracy shows of his emo-influenced, depressing vocal prowess on this track, creating an overall graceful, yet signature, melancholic theme.

The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 5+6]

Entity – F⏃N⏁ME

If you like electronica in the style of crystal castles and Adeptus then i think you will enjoy what F⏃N⏁ME has to offer. Entity is a synth driven track which contains influences from post rock and electro.

GILA – Don’t Chirp

This tune was reposted onto my soundcloud feed by hnrk and i’m glad I came across this. deep, dark, minimal and constantly changing and evolving. Somewhere in between early dubstep and trap, Gila gives us an interesting sonic ride in the space of 4 mins.

xxxtentacion ft $ki Mask – The Slump God

I assume that most of you that follow the blog are familiar with xxxtentacion. If youre late to the party like me and have only recently come across this dude, you can check out this really cool interview he did with no jumper here. The slump god is probably the most hyped up track i have listened to recently. met with some loud distorted 808 production from stain, tentacion starts the track with the line “cocaine for my breakfast, hold that pistol, ambidextrous“. Big loud and aggressive, somewhat influenced by heavy metal/screamo (metal fans, please don’t jump down my throat!) this is the sort of music that could hype up even the wimpiest of kids to head down to the seediest areas of Brixton and start some shit. The most notable part of this track is definitely the hook “Mama raised a soldier, not no bitch, not no bitch“. $ki mask’s verse is pretty lit to although I feel its slightly overshadowed by xxx’s aggressive overtones.

Hollow x GLOCKZ – Storm

This here’s a nice trap banger. Storm is an awesome collab between Smoked Out Bando’s GLOCKZ and Hollow from Indica Gang. the hollow, angelic synth layers in the track are contrasted with fat rolling kicks and a sharp 808 pattern.

Windwaker – Kyoto Princess

Windwaker from Hidden Jewels came through with this oriental asian influenced trap beat. Big trap drums over an upbeat melodic layer coupled with an interesting vocaloid sample, Kyoto Princess shows off windwakers skills when it comes to trap production. The track also features a cool slowdown section at the end. If you’re feeling this tune, take a listen to his joint EP that he made with safari here

Quarter Museum – Cross The Distance

A collaboration between Ofdream, Nothing Here and Rare. Cross the Distance is a shining new wave track with high end production and feel good vibes sprinkled all over it. Energetic synths and a crazy melody take over the main parts of the track while the vocals add a nice touch to the overall sound.

Aquadream – P.M

Aquadream is a new soundcloud trap artist that i’ve come across. P.M is a chilled out wavy tune that features a prominent pitch bent 808.

Idntrmmbr x Cresce – Arpia

Arpia is a track that has some beautiful, minimal, mellowed out vibes. Crossing elements of RnB, lounge music and jazz, this track reminds me of some soundtrack from early racing games such as Grand Turismo and Auto Modellista. The artists make great use of vocals and samples to create and interesting sound texture.

The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 4]

After a long hiatus, we’re back with the best of soundcloud segment where I (Aaron/Sn0 Forest) will be showcasing some new and interesting underground music and artists on soundcloud.

IndigoChildRick – Back On The Block
If you’re familiar with spaceghostpurrp and his style of music then this is a track that you’ll enjoy. IndigoChildRick raps with high energy and pace over ICYTWAT’s lo fi production that’s reminiscent of SGP’s early sound. The hard drums, droning 808 and a dark, melodic pad complements the vocals really well. This is the first track that ive heard from IndigoChildRick, but after vibing out to this lit joint, i cant wait to hear what he has to offer on his upcoming project “Never Coming Down”

Lil Yuri – Gone
I’ve been following Lil Yuri for a while now and i have been enjoying his music ever since i came across “Dream World“. Gone is a spacy, atmospheric track with angelic synths complemented with a nice 808 groove. I will be making a separate post soon showcasing some of Lil Yuri’s work and for those of you who aren’t familiar with him, i think “Gone” is s good start.

AWITW – Night Designer
Retro synthwave is a sound that s caught my interest ever since I heard one of my roommates playing “Early Summer” By Miami Nights 1984. From their EP “Radness City” Night Designer embodies what it feels like on a chill summer night out with a good group of friends. Colourful synth melodies, a groovy melodic bassline and bright drum pattern sounds like something straight from a nightlife scene in an 80s action movie.

Black Kray – Still Dodgin’
Ever since the last time I featured Black Kray on the best of soundcloud, the Goth Money member has been busy recently touring europe with the rest of Goth Money as well as dropping his latest project “Working Out Da Mud“. Up and coming producers Forza and Brandon Finessin, both members of “Working on Dying” alongside underground trap heavyweights F1LTHY, The Looseman and OOGIEMAN are on the production of this track. Black Kray hits a smooth flow over Working on Dying’s signature booming 808s over a minimal trap beat. The whole vibe of the track has a Lil B/Hyphy influence that’s perfect for going dumb to at a party or function. I can easily see this track becoming a club banger.

Loveless – Probably
Loveless is another artist I have only recently come across on my adventures on soundcloud. “Probably” is a warm, sparkly beat with a nice melodic layer that flows nicely with the suby 808 bass. Other tracks i like from this artist are “DON’T” and “Sky

Rich Beatz – Oynx
Trap banger alert: Epic drums over an atmospheric layer of sound that sounds like something out of a horror film, Ritch Beatz Gives us Onyx, a trap party anthem which samples Future’s “Covered N Money”

CompactDISC ETERNAL – Fantasy Plus
I’m not 100% sure on the origins of Compactdisc ETERNAL. I believe its an alias that Misogi uses. Regardless, Fantasy plus is a synthwave track with a touch of vapourware that has a very nice musical texture. Driven by a pan flute layered with a pluck synth and artifacty pads, this is a very dreamy, ethereal track that is appropriately named.

Blvc sand – Lost 1
Blvc Sand has recently dropped his latest ambitious project “Lost Introvert” and Lost 1 is one of the tracks from this tape. Blvc Sand manages to blend big trap drums with a distorted guitar, creating a big room hype track which is perfect for kicking off a DJ set with. I Seriously recommend checking out his whole mixtape, which is avalible on Bandcamp.

The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 3]

Safari & Windwaker – Lost Light EP
Smoked out bando affiliate Safari teams up with Hidden Jewles producer Windwaker, to deliver us an awesome collab EP. Wild pitched 808 and dreamlike synths and samples from various games makes you feel as if you’re trapped in an rpg. If you’re a gamer, this is something you should bump during your adventures.

Trash Lord – HOWLS
Wavemob member TRASH LORD just dropped this on his soundcloud a few days ago. Here’s an etheral, synth heavy beat with a Lush rising pad and a hollow synth. Keep listening and enjoy how trash lord changes up the vibe into a funky dancefloor banger. This is defiantly an essential tune for your midnight jams collection.

XELΛRΛIN – Views From The Basement
This is an exciting new Lovetrap/Future Bass track by XELARAIN. If you like Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Maedon and Cashmire Cat’s style of music, then I reckon you will be feeling this joint. Clean, crisp percussion, wobbling bass and chopped up vocals perfectly embodies the feeling of summer. Play this track at your next campfire or beach party and let this piece of music set the vibe of your evening.

Yung Krsna – Flexx
A cool new friend of mine Yung Rizzla has collaborated with Yung Krsna, an emerging cloud rapper from Australia. Rizzla provides an dark, atmospheric beat, leaving enough room for yung rizzla to flex on this chill track. Sit back and enjoy this rare bit of cloud with a catchy hook.

Delay – 808’s from Asia [EP]
Delay came through with a really strong, oriental Asian themed trap EP. Between Two Worlds is my favourite track on this EP. the title of this track is very fitting as the track switches up from a deep, bassy UK grime/dubstep influenced sound into a chilled out lovetrap beat complete with a beautiful electric piano. The whole tape features panflutes, oriental strings and crazy, pitch bent 808s. This EP could defiantly be used as a soundtrack in the next hong kong or Tokyo action movie.

FM-84 – Atlas
Here’s something a little diffrent from what I usually post, or at least what my readers expect me to post. Here’s some nostalgic, summery, synthwave magic that sounds like it was made straight from the 80s. I really like Running in the Night as it embodies everything i enjoy about the synthwave sound. Other noteworthy artists of this paticular stlye you should check out: Miami Nights 1984, Trevor Something and Sellorekt / LA Dreams

The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 2]


White Katana – Ethereal

I just got put onto White Katana recently. Ethereal is a deep, trancy emotional rush that comes at you like a wave of euphoria. Although instead of a 4×4 beat and a rolling bassline, instead we get potent, pitch-bent 808s and fast, trippy hi-hats rolling around the track. The main lead sound like something straight from Ajunabeats catalogue

Bladee – Who Goes There

GTB frontman Bladee drops a new track for us with beautiful production by Whitearmour. in classic, sentimental bladee fashion, this track gives off vibes of a gloomy summertime as he nonchalantly flows over this ethereal, thundery beat by whitearmour reminding us that you don’t need a booming 808 to make a banger.

Nvr – Counting ghosts

This track sounds like something straight out of a horror movie/video game. Counting Ghosts is a beautiful, guitar driven track complete with haunty vocals and a soft yet prominent drum beat.

Skit – Moods

Skit, Member of the Wavemob has just recently dropped this absolutely amazing piece of chillout soundscape. there isn’t really much I can write about this track. Moods is something you should really experience for yourselves. let the slow, evolving pads take you on a soulful journey into another realm.

Bear x Lil Filth – Crystal Water

So if you like that smooth, RnB, PARTYNEXTDOOR type of vibe, then this is a track you need to hear. This is an awesome, yet short collaboration. Smooth 808s and melodic, autotune vocals is the order of the day here. Very chill, atmosphere track.