The Best of Soundcloud 2017

Hello to all the readers of this blog. First off I just want to apologise for my absence as I’ve been busy with Uni, working on my own music and video games to the point where i haven’t been writing articles for a while. I hope to be more consistent this year in providing you guys with some heat from various sides of the underground online music world.

Druidic – Alpha Channels


Usually in my best of Soundcloud articles I post single tracks, however I have to show you guys this whole EP because its just too good to only pick one song really. Alpha Channels is a Metal / Rock EP and each track is crafted with the intention of telling a story with each song. From the gentle, warm plucks heard in -WERIFESTERIA- to the dark, shadowy sounds in -DESTINY-. Press play and you will be memorised by the spectrum of sounds that Druidic has created.

Klasey Jones – Cement

BOI i’ve been waiting so long for this track to finally get released on Terrorhythm. I First heard this track on the Liquid Ritual show /w Kareful and Tyler back in November. Cement gives us a taste of whats going on in the UK Beat music scene. Dark yet bouncy vibes that takes influences from grime and 2010 UK Dubstep. I would really recommend keeping an eye out for Klasey Jones as he’s set to be doing big things later this year.

Sʟɪᴍ Gᴜᴇʀɪʟʟᴀ – Jaw Talking 1995 (Prod. Genshin)

Lo – Fi classic southern hip hop done right. If you like the sounds of Three Six Mafia or Spaceghostpuurp then you will enjoy what Slim Guerilla has to offer. A fire flow over some dark, deep and aggressive production from Genshin. If you ever get into some beef with someone, play this track and I guarantee you will win no matter what. You can check out his full project which he just recently released called “BLUE LIGHT CEMETARY 1995

Bummy Boi – Sandy (w/ nekomimi (+ luvfexx)

Bummy Boi gives us a chill, comical and fun track with a style that seems to take a bit of influence from early 2000 RnB. Droptop, Teardrop is also worth checking out if you’re into that chill love trap vibe.

Adeptus – Ras Shamra

While I usually aim to show off new music, I felt that this classic track that I came across years ago would be worth showing off. Ras Shamra is an early Techno / Trance / Club track driven by an acid baseline and an addictive, melodic supersaw synth. I would seriously recommend checking out his other works such as Promise Of Dragon or Midnight Sun.

Bow Church – Winter Falls (ɱ ɪ ʟ κ ƴVVΛY remix)

Some icey icey witch house vibes here. Milky Way gets on the remix of Bow Church’s “Winter Falls”. A well composed song with an epic progression into some big supersaw chords.

Sub9k – Shadow Racks

Sub9k Is an up and coming artist that’s making lots of noise in the US underground trap scene. 9k provides us with some based flex music over some fire production by Based Deception. Lead by a driving, distorted sub bass, if you’re turning up for a party or function then you should defiantly include this on your playlist.

Deadcrow x hnrk – Program Failure

Wavemob producers Deadcrow and Hnrk recently dropped a wavy club banger that feels like something out of a futuristic action film. I also heard this one on the Liquid Ritual radio show in November. if, for whatever reason you are not familiar with wavemob then this is a good track that will introduce you to their unique sounds.


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