GOOD FOR NOTHING Is The newest Release from #TeamSesh Member Bones.

Bones Is back again with another banging Project that takes a few steps In A different direction from paid programming 2 and many of his other Projects.

I know alot of people do not like the Newer Bones and the way his sound is starting to change.



GOOD FOR NOTHING has a lot of Relaxing chilled out vibeing songs apart the track list one of my Favorites would have to be



RoadKill has An amazing Beat Prod By Highbrid. Bones Brings it with his soft sung lyrics and melancholy flows that drip over this beat perfectly !. This song Is A bit different from bones other stuff that is a bit more edgy and more in your face.

The Piano On Road Kill Is very ethereal and makes you feel like you are drifting away.


a lot of people are skeptical of where Bones is going to go as many people wish he would return more to His sound that was on his Useless Project with the blood curdling screams and edgy Raps.


I am interested in seeing where Bones takes him self overall and where he is going with his Music .



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