Best of Soundcloud II


Ever came across an artist that you’ve never heard of before and suddenly you spend the rest of the evening going through their lengthy discography? Shampoogod’s beats are smooth with an addictive layer of warm nostalgia on top. “Lightning” has some great pads that really complements the overall vibe of the tune. I seriously recommend you check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp, where he has many beats available for you to enjoy.

Cosmic Cycler – Remember This Night

Slow and chilled is the order of the day here. “Remember This Night” is a vaporware styled track with an amazing sample. If you’re bringing a girl over, forget Netflix & chill, just play this track and she will get the message immediately.

BVLLVH – Rest Well, I’ll See You Again

Big trap drums and beautiful vocals. “Rest well” is a pretty lit song that could defiantly go down well at a party or club

Kloudeath – Drugged Out At 5th Street (/W lil Louie)

This track has a dark, pop punk vibe to it. Koudeath lays down his vocals over a trippy beat produced by Tundra. A lot of elements of this track, mainly the verses remind me of early Yung Lean (cirica Unknown Death 2002. Classic.)

Trey Skies – Castles

Hidden Jewels members Trey Skies and Windwaker team up on this track that could easily go down as a classic. Windwaker delivers a beautiful, Sombre, well produced beat that does a great job at complimenting Trey Skies Icy, depressing flow. This track is off his latest EP “Death Of Me” and I recommend checking out the whole project which oozes with a melancholy style very unique to Trey Skies.

Yume – Colours (Uyama Flip)

Here’s a track that’s nice and chill. “Colours” is an ambient, soulful instrumental that feels very fitting to listen to on a autumn afternoon.

CVRL – Crossing

Wavemob member CVRL from Denmark gives us a trance influenced wave beat that’s as chill as it is euphoric. This is defiantly one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while as the synths compliment the mesmerizing vocals very well.

GLDEN – Close My Eyes

With an addictive hook and some great production by YungJZA, “Close My Eyes” is a downbeat track with a guitar lead and some booming 808’s. The whole vibe of this track is rather “emo” and feels like a throwback to the early 2000s pop punk sound with some modern trap overtones.


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