Best of Soundcloud II


Ever came across an artist that you’ve never heard of before and suddenly you spend the rest of the evening going through their lengthy discography? Shampoogod’s beats are smooth with an addictive layer of warm nostalgia on top. “Lightning” has some great pads that really complements the overall vibe of the tune. I seriously recommend you check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp, where he has many beats available for you to enjoy.

Cosmic Cycler – Remember This Night

Slow and chilled is the order of the day here. “Remember This Night” is a vaporware styled track with an amazing sample. If you’re bringing a girl over, forget Netflix & chill, just play this track and she will get the message immediately.

BVLLVH – Rest Well, I’ll See You Again

Big trap drums and beautiful vocals. “Rest well” is a pretty lit song that could defiantly go down well at a party or club

Kloudeath – Drugged Out At 5th Street (/W lil Louie)

This track has a dark, pop punk vibe to it. Koudeath lays down his vocals over a trippy beat produced by Tundra. A lot of elements of this track, mainly the verses remind me of early Yung Lean (cirica Unknown Death 2002. Classic.)

Trey Skies – Castles

Hidden Jewels members Trey Skies and Windwaker team up on this track that could easily go down as a classic. Windwaker delivers a beautiful, Sombre, well produced beat that does a great job at complimenting Trey Skies Icy, depressing flow. This track is off his latest EP “Death Of Me” and I recommend checking out the whole project which oozes with a melancholy style very unique to Trey Skies.

Yume – Colours (Uyama Flip)

Here’s a track that’s nice and chill. “Colours” is an ambient, soulful instrumental that feels very fitting to listen to on a autumn afternoon.

CVRL – Crossing

Wavemob member CVRL from Denmark gives us a trance influenced wave beat that’s as chill as it is euphoric. This is defiantly one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while as the synths compliment the mesmerizing vocals very well.

GLDEN – Close My Eyes

With an addictive hook and some great production by YungJZA, “Close My Eyes” is a downbeat track with a guitar lead and some booming 808’s. The whole vibe of this track is rather “emo” and feels like a throwback to the early 2000s pop punk sound with some modern trap overtones.


Sn0 Forest’s Vault: Episode 1

Hello everyone and shoutout to those of you that still read and keep up with this blog. Today I’ve decided to start a new series alongside my Best of Soundcloud articles where I will be showing you guys some of my favourite albums and EP’s of all time, crossing many different genres. I want to do this not only to show you guys some cool music, but also so that you guys can see where I draw most of my inspiration from with my music. By the way I am working on a new best of Soundcloud for this week so keep an eye out for that.

John B – In:Transit / Future Refrence (DnB)

John B is quite possibly one of my favourite artists to this day. He is a British drum and bass producer who has been around since the 90s. However, what sets him apart from most on the scene is that his DnB tends to take influence from many different genres of music such as trance, jazz and synthpop. I like most of John B’s work, but Future Reference is probably my most played album of his and if you take a listen for yourself you can see why. Future Reference shows off John B’s variety of styles when it comes to DnB. “Forever” is a soft, alluring liquid DnB track with vocals and synths that can easily put you in a trance. On the other hand, “Show Me The Way” is a dark and aggressive track that still keeps a light overtone through the use of the vocal sample. “B Mine (Remix)” is a pretty unique jazzy DnB track that’s led by a saxophone, followed by a pulsing synth section for some contrast.

His album In:Transit deserves a worthy mention too. “Mercury Skies” is a smooth vocal DnB track with a pretty epic build up, while “Sight beyond” is an ode to the classic dark rolling DnB sound that came from the 90s. “Broken Language” is a dance floor slammer that has a nice vocal break followed by choppy baselines and big drums.

She – Chiptune Memories


She is a chiptune electronica artist from Sweden. I first heard his album “Chiptek” and ever since then, I’ve been hooked to his nostalgic 8 bit sound. Chiptune Memories was released last year and is my favourite project of his to date. The whole album has a classic pop vibe to it whilst retaining its 8 bit chiptune sound. “Chiptune Memories” is a rather catchy track that to me, crosses elements of early 2000 Brittany Spears esque pop with an 8 bit, eurobeat influenced instrumental. Soft and alluring, “Nostalgic Vibes” brings the pace down a little. Only this time around She brings us a modern synthwave sound that’s drenched with his signature chiptune spirit.

The whole project features sounds created from the Nintendo Gameboy, NES and Sega FM Chip as well as synthesizers such as the Yamaha DX7. The album can be streamed for free on Spotify:

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this post!

Larry Furlow Is sure to Get your head bumping

Larry Furlow has not disappointed me yet.With 18 songs on his soundcloud that all bang and tell a story of there own. Larry Furlow is deft someone to look out for

Here Is some of that New flavor Iv been looking for.

Larry Furlow has not disappointed me yet.With songs 18  on his soundcloud that all bang and tell a story of there own.

One of my Favorite songs By Larry Furlow Has to be


Somersaults .


Somersaults is a very wavey track that I have been listening to now for a while.

The lyrics are very Smart and creative. The story telling In these bars are spot on.

The hook to this song Is incredibly dope and Is almost nostalgic to me Because as A kid I went though a wrestling phase and loved Smack down vrs raw.

Anyway Larry Furlow Delivers with Somersaults. The Beat is incredibly funky and laid back.





Another Dope Song from the Man Larry Furlow is Dippin & out

Dippin & Out Has A nice Smooth jazz kinda feel to it that is sure to get you grooving.

This song is a little bit different then Somersault’s but still keeps that Lyrical steez that you are looking for. The beat is deeply hypnotic and the producer did an amazing job with the mix down and master of the over all track.


I really dig Larry Furlow And his style and he is for sure someone that we are looking at now !!


Make sure to check him out on soundcloud







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The Return of Best Of Soundcloud!!!

Hi and welcome to my official return to the best of Soundcloud. First of all I would like to apologise for my absence from the best of Soundcloud weekly posts. I’ve been busy with uni and my own music these past few months. I have also been having a bit of a rough time with my mental health but you should all know that i’m doing fine at the moment and things are starting to look better. Tomorrow I will be making a seperate post showcasing some albums and EP I have been enjoying lately to make up for my absence. Anyway, let’s check out some new sounds

9K Strip Club – Five Finger Posse

Working on dying member FORZA comes through on the production of this track with his familiar signature dark, melodic and gritty sound. Five Finger Posse flex all over this hyphy track with their drill influenced lyrics which gives off a Three Six Mafia / Spaceghostpurrp influenced sound. 9K Strip club is defiantly one of their hottest tracks and is bound to tear up any club. I Seriously recommend checking out their whole tape “The Bitter End

Pure – Sidewalks and Skeletons

Those of you that follow this blog that’s into witch house and dark electronica are probably already familiar with Sidewalks and Skeletons. For those of you who aren’t familiar, then this track is a good start. S&S’s music has a wonderful, addictive spirit to it and “Pure” from his album “Wight Light” is no exception. The track starts with a haunty vocal sample and floaty, melodic elements sitting atop a sweet saw baseline before the song then transitions into the breakdown where we hear a thought provoking quote regarding the subject of death. this is then followed by my favourite part of the track, where the lush, downbeat spacey atmospheric pad chords come in, giving the whole track an angelic ytet depressing vibe. This song right here is for all you lone wolfs out there who despise the “normies” that rejected them.

Calling Me, Right Now – Pollàri

The melodic trap wave is really popular right now and Pollari really delivers with this track. This whole track gives of an RnB influenced vibe with Pollari addictive, melodic voice, over Sensei ATL’s chill and soulful production that sounds like it was somewhat influenced by synthwave / vaporware. Please don’t sleep on this track or any of Pollari’s works.

Skit x Cvrl – Nova

This track is sweet and beautiful. Top Notch wave music with some great synth work by 2 of the biggest pioneers of wave music around. there’s not a lot I can really say about this track, just listen and feel for yourself 🙂 `

Grid – Triangle

More witchy vibes for you to check out. Powerful supersaw bassline under a high pitched synth with vocal sprinkled on the track is the order of the day here. Check this one out and prepare to be entranced by the tracks hollow aesthetics.

Ra//in – VOX

Here’s some chill, ambient music for you. Vox is a very atmospheric beat with a smooth gliding pad and vocal that carries the song, leaving lots of room for the drums to make and nice impact and tie the whole tune together.

Voyage – Since When x Slight

Another chill beat for you guys (Chill seems to be the theme of this post today). This track has some nice drums and an addictive bassline that flows nicely through the track. Let this songs beautiful aesthetics uplift and inspire you as we all continue to try to make sense of this crazy world, our surroundings and our fellow man.

Nakura – Daydreamer

This is a nice little future bass track that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. The track starts up with some upbeat prog house synths chords that’s then met with some more sweet synths and mellow drums that give off the feeling of daydreaming in your bedroom on a nice summer evening.