The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 7]

Pierquin – Back Home ft N-zyme

Pierquin is an Alternative/Experimental Rap & Hip Hop artist born in Oxford and raised in Scotland. He has recently just dropped this track on his bandcamp and this is probably one of my favourite tracks at the moment. I was never really a huge fan of UK rap, however “Back Home” is a great, textbook UK Rap/Hip Hop track. Pierquin comes through with a Great flow and thoughtful, relatable lyrics (more so if you’re from the UK 🙂) over some warm, homely production by AshFX. N-Zyme makes a nice features on the track as well. Some notable moments in the track that I particularly liked is the chorus

“Remember when i said you were a star? Shining in the gutter, beneath the moon”

and the first verse “There’s no tomorrow, this life is borrowed, Lack of sorrows got me grinning like i won the lotto”.
For me, this track as a whole does a seriously good job at evoking the indescribable feelings of being in my quaint little hometown, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. and this is something that you should play on a sunday afternoon while rolling up 🙂

Stream here:

丂┼▲RK▲D – You Are Mine

“You are Mine” is a classic-pop influenced witch house track that strikes a balance between melancholy and euphoric. I paticuarly like the vocals on this track as it remindes me of some early 2000 DDR trance pop.

Honda Civic – South ward /w Valence

Honda Civic is a artist that iv’e only come across recently and iv’e been enjoying his material lately. In my eyes he’s definitely one to watch considering he’s been dropping tracks pretty consistently on soundcloud and also has an album in the works. South ward featuring Valence is a beautiful, soulful track that sounds like it has some oriental asian influences. South ward is a track that should be played cruising around the city during sunset.

Arkanoid74 – Exfiltration

Most of my readers should be familiar with retrowave synthpop. If not, then you should know that retrowave synthpop is basically a modern revival of the classic 80s/90s synthpop sound. “Exfiltration” starts off with a nice chord progression and bassline with a smooth groove to it. The loud , sustained melodic synth layers complement the track nicely as well. Just listen to this track and feel the nostalgia from a time before smartphones, power steering and political correctness.

Kyddiekafka – Dark Times

“Dark Times” comes from Kyddiekafka’s latest EP “Downfall”. This track has a strong PARTYNEXTDOOR meets Team Sesh vibe. Deep sub bass, haunting vocals and resonant strings come together to sonically replicate the feeling of sitting outside on the rooftop on a cloudy day.

Syntax – Shion

The purpose of the experimental gateway is to bring you new and interesting music from the underground through different genres of electronica, “Shion” is a dark, synth heavy track which seems to take influence from modern synthwave and Industrial. I quite like the choice of drums and the arpeggiated synths that run all over the track. The overall vibe of the track feels like a ode to the cyber-punk/cyber-goth aesthetic and it sounds like something that would fit right into the classic futuristic racing game “Wipeout“.

Lil Yuri – Gengar

One of my favorite artists at the moment lil yuri has just recently dropped this new track on his soundcloud. Lil Yuri is a bladee inspired producer/vocalist that makes beats with big, snappy drums and lucid, dreamlike synth layers. “Gengar” is no exception to this, as its a great track with some extreme sidechaining. Some of my other favourites by Yuri is “I Dnt Want To Die” and “Dream World“.

Lil Tracy – Desire

Lil Tracy, formerly known as “Yung Bruh” is an artist from the GOTHBOICLIQUE Collective. “Desire” is the first track off the GOTHBOICLIQUE tape “Yeah It’s True” and is a great introduction to Lil Tracy and the Goth Boi sound. With amazing atmospheric production by Zekebeats, Lil Tracy shows of his emo-influenced, depressing vocal prowess on this track, creating an overall graceful, yet signature, melancholic theme.


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