The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 5+6]

Entity – F⏃N⏁ME

If you like electronica in the style of crystal castles and Adeptus then i think you will enjoy what F⏃N⏁ME has to offer. Entity is a synth driven track which contains influences from post rock and electro.

GILA – Don’t Chirp

This tune was reposted onto my soundcloud feed by hnrk and i’m glad I came across this. deep, dark, minimal and constantly changing and evolving. Somewhere in between early dubstep and trap, Gila gives us an interesting sonic ride in the space of 4 mins.

xxxtentacion ft $ki Mask – The Slump God

I assume that most of you that follow the blog are familiar with xxxtentacion. If youre late to the party like me and have only recently come across this dude, you can check out this really cool interview he did with no jumper here. The slump god is probably the most hyped up track i have listened to recently. met with some loud distorted 808 production from stain, tentacion starts the track with the line “cocaine for my breakfast, hold that pistol, ambidextrous“. Big loud and aggressive, somewhat influenced by heavy metal/screamo (metal fans, please don’t jump down my throat!) this is the sort of music that could hype up even the wimpiest of kids to head down to the seediest areas of Brixton and start some shit. The most notable part of this track is definitely the hook “Mama raised a soldier, not no bitch, not no bitch“. $ki mask’s verse is pretty lit to although I feel its slightly overshadowed by xxx’s aggressive overtones.

Hollow x GLOCKZ – Storm

This here’s a nice trap banger. Storm is an awesome collab between Smoked Out Bando’s GLOCKZ and Hollow from Indica Gang. the hollow, angelic synth layers in the track are contrasted with fat rolling kicks and a sharp 808 pattern.

Windwaker – Kyoto Princess

Windwaker from Hidden Jewels came through with this oriental asian influenced trap beat. Big trap drums over an upbeat melodic layer coupled with an interesting vocaloid sample, Kyoto Princess shows off windwakers skills when it comes to trap production. The track also features a cool slowdown section at the end. If you’re feeling this tune, take a listen to his joint EP that he made with safari here

Quarter Museum – Cross The Distance

A collaboration between Ofdream, Nothing Here and Rare. Cross the Distance is a shining new wave track with high end production and feel good vibes sprinkled all over it. Energetic synths and a crazy melody take over the main parts of the track while the vocals add a nice touch to the overall sound.

Aquadream – P.M

Aquadream is a new soundcloud trap artist that i’ve come across. P.M is a chilled out wavy tune that features a prominent pitch bent 808.

Idntrmmbr x Cresce – Arpia

Arpia is a track that has some beautiful, minimal, mellowed out vibes. Crossing elements of RnB, lounge music and jazz, this track reminds me of some soundtrack from early racing games such as Grand Turismo and Auto Modellista. The artists make great use of vocals and samples to create and interesting sound texture.


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