The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 4]

After a long hiatus, we’re back with the best of soundcloud segment where I (Aaron/Sn0 Forest) will be showcasing some new and interesting underground music and artists on soundcloud.

IndigoChildRick – Back On The Block
If you’re familiar with spaceghostpurrp and his style of music then this is a track that you’ll enjoy. IndigoChildRick raps with high energy and pace over ICYTWAT’s lo fi production that’s reminiscent of SGP’s early sound. The hard drums, droning 808 and a dark, melodic pad complements the vocals really well. This is the first track that ive heard from IndigoChildRick, but after vibing out to this lit joint, i cant wait to hear what he has to offer on his upcoming project “Never Coming Down”

Lil Yuri – Gone
I’ve been following Lil Yuri for a while now and i have been enjoying his music ever since i came across “Dream World“. Gone is a spacy, atmospheric track with angelic synths complemented with a nice 808 groove. I will be making a separate post soon showcasing some of Lil Yuri’s work and for those of you who aren’t familiar with him, i think “Gone” is s good start.

AWITW – Night Designer
Retro synthwave is a sound that s caught my interest ever since I heard one of my roommates playing “Early Summer” By Miami Nights 1984. From their EP “Radness City” Night Designer embodies what it feels like on a chill summer night out with a good group of friends. Colourful synth melodies, a groovy melodic bassline and bright drum pattern sounds like something straight from a nightlife scene in an 80s action movie.

Black Kray – Still Dodgin’
Ever since the last time I featured Black Kray on the best of soundcloud, the Goth Money member has been busy recently touring europe with the rest of Goth Money as well as dropping his latest project “Working Out Da Mud“. Up and coming producers Forza and Brandon Finessin, both members of “Working on Dying” alongside underground trap heavyweights F1LTHY, The Looseman and OOGIEMAN are on the production of this track. Black Kray hits a smooth flow over Working on Dying’s signature booming 808s over a minimal trap beat. The whole vibe of the track has a Lil B/Hyphy influence that’s perfect for going dumb to at a party or function. I can easily see this track becoming a club banger.

Loveless – Probably
Loveless is another artist I have only recently come across on my adventures on soundcloud. “Probably” is a warm, sparkly beat with a nice melodic layer that flows nicely with the suby 808 bass. Other tracks i like from this artist are “DON’T” and “Sky

Rich Beatz – Oynx
Trap banger alert: Epic drums over an atmospheric layer of sound that sounds like something out of a horror film, Ritch Beatz Gives us Onyx, a trap party anthem which samples Future’s “Covered N Money”

CompactDISC ETERNAL – Fantasy Plus
I’m not 100% sure on the origins of Compactdisc ETERNAL. I believe its an alias that Misogi uses. Regardless, Fantasy plus is a synthwave track with a touch of vapourware that has a very nice musical texture. Driven by a pan flute layered with a pluck synth and artifacty pads, this is a very dreamy, ethereal track that is appropriately named.

Blvc sand – Lost 1
Blvc Sand has recently dropped his latest ambitious project “Lost Introvert” and Lost 1 is one of the tracks from this tape. Blvc Sand manages to blend big trap drums with a distorted guitar, creating a big room hype track which is perfect for kicking off a DJ set with. I Seriously recommend checking out his whole mixtape, which is avalible on Bandcamp.


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