A look at some new tracks from around the world

Here is A brief look At some Song’s I have found from artist all around the world. From Russia to Africa I hope you enjoy !! 



PHARAOH is a Russian rapper i discovered well on Facebook just looking around at stuff Lurking in groups and what not .

I really enjoy this song and how it sounds the bass is absolutely crazy.

Pharaoh Raps in his Native tongue i believe so i am not sure at all that he is really saying.

The video for this song is absolutely amazing and has a dark and eerie feel to it that you might enjoy if you check it out. I am defiantly going to be listening to more music by this artist.


Green Hipster

Green Hipster Is A Cloud Rapper From Africa that has been featured on The Blog Before This Artist Green hipster has improved a fair bit since the last time I heard Him.

His Song Sacred Cards Prod By ECCHIBOY w WINDWAKER is a big improvement I feel from the last song I have Heard from him.

Sacred Cards could Be A banger if it reached the right people and the right DJ’S. The Beat is very fresh and W A  V E Y.

The beat to this song sounds very ethereal and chill. The auto tuned parts are very well done and GREEN HIPSTER‘S Lyrics are amazing

Wizards who know my true nature will fuck wit me allow my self to be real man for eternity

sacred cards Sacred cards

Fill the gap fill the gap



Green Hipster Is Defiantly An Artist for you to look out for,

If you are interested in seeing more of GREEN HIPSTER

then check out his soundcloud account https://soundcloud.com/greenhipster

as well as the last Write up we did for his song Obi wan Kenobi here



If you are an Artist interested in having your song featured on our blog feel free to like our page and send us a msg






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