The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 3]

Safari & Windwaker – Lost Light EP
Smoked out bando affiliate Safari teams up with Hidden Jewles producer Windwaker, to deliver us an awesome collab EP. Wild pitched 808 and dreamlike synths and samples from various games makes you feel as if you’re trapped in an rpg. If you’re a gamer, this is something you should bump during your adventures.

Trash Lord – HOWLS
Wavemob member TRASH LORD just dropped this on his soundcloud a few days ago. Here’s an etheral, synth heavy beat with a Lush rising pad and a hollow synth. Keep listening and enjoy how trash lord changes up the vibe into a funky dancefloor banger. This is defiantly an essential tune for your midnight jams collection.

XELΛRΛIN – Views From The Basement
This is an exciting new Lovetrap/Future Bass track by XELARAIN. If you like Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Maedon and Cashmire Cat’s style of music, then I reckon you will be feeling this joint. Clean, crisp percussion, wobbling bass and chopped up vocals perfectly embodies the feeling of summer. Play this track at your next campfire or beach party and let this piece of music set the vibe of your evening.

Yung Krsna – Flexx
A cool new friend of mine Yung Rizzla has collaborated with Yung Krsna, an emerging cloud rapper from Australia. Rizzla provides an dark, atmospheric beat, leaving enough room for yung rizzla to flex on this chill track. Sit back and enjoy this rare bit of cloud with a catchy hook.

Delay – 808’s from Asia [EP]
Delay came through with a really strong, oriental Asian themed trap EP. Between Two Worlds is my favourite track on this EP. the title of this track is very fitting as the track switches up from a deep, bassy UK grime/dubstep influenced sound into a chilled out lovetrap beat complete with a beautiful electric piano. The whole tape features panflutes, oriental strings and crazy, pitch bent 808s. This EP could defiantly be used as a soundtrack in the next hong kong or Tokyo action movie.

FM-84 – Atlas
Here’s something a little diffrent from what I usually post, or at least what my readers expect me to post. Here’s some nostalgic, summery, synthwave magic that sounds like it was made straight from the 80s. I really like Running in the Night as it embodies everything i enjoy about the synthwave sound. Other noteworthy artists of this paticular stlye you should check out: Miami Nights 1984, Trevor Something and Sellorekt / LA Dreams


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