The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 2]



White Katana – Ethereal

I just got put onto White Katana recently. Ethereal is a deep, trancy emotional rush that comes at you like a wave of euphoria. Although instead of a 4×4 beat and a rolling bassline, instead we get potent, pitch-bent 808s and fast, trippy hi-hats rolling around the track. The main lead sound like something straight from Ajunabeats catalogue

Bladee – Who Goes There

GTB frontman Bladee drops a new track for us with beautiful production by Whitearmour. in classic, sentimental bladee fashion, this track gives off vibes of a gloomy summertime as he nonchalantly flows over this ethereal, thundery beat by whitearmour reminding us that you don’t need a booming 808 to make a banger.

Nvr – Counting ghosts

This track sounds like something straight out of a horror movie/video game. Counting Ghosts is a beautiful, guitar driven track complete with haunty vocals and a soft yet prominent drum beat.

Skit – Moods

Skit, Member of the Wavemob has just recently dropped this absolutely amazing piece of chillout soundscape. there isn’t really much I can write about this track. Moods is something you should really experience for yourselves. let the slow, evolving pads take you on a soulful journey into another realm.

Bear x Lil Filth – Crystal Water

So if you like that smooth, RnB, PARTYNEXTDOOR type of vibe, then this is a track you need to hear. This is an awesome, yet short collaboration. Smooth 808s and melodic, autotune vocals is the order of the day here. Very chill, atmosphere track.

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