The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 1]

Enzin – kaleido high

The best of soundcloud is a new weekly series I’ve decided to run where I post my favourite tracks out at the moment by underground artists on Soundcloud. If you follow this blog to check out cloud rap, then I recommend you follow this blog and our facebook like page which will be up soon. First up, we have a cloudy banger from my friend Enzin from Germany. This is an epic, downtempo, piano driven track produced by cizzvrp. Enzin gives us a silky-smooth, auto tune soaked flow which complements the beat. Kaleido High is the one to play when your cruising on the motorway driving in the rain. the ending¬†samples Three Six Mafia’s “I can get ignortant”


If you’re a fan of that classic hood trap sound, you don’t wanna sleep on P2/GOLDMASK. He recently dropped a wavey new tape “Ballin cause i’m Ballin” which i’m currently enjoying. Spanning only 1:25mins, Nike is a short track, but I feel its one of his strongest mostly through Burger on the Beat‘s lo-fi trancey, hard hitting 808 production. P2 provides a wavey, verse over this trap banger where he compares his popularity to Nike. Complete with the “PLUG” ad libs, backspin and voice-over, Nike is a club banger that’s great to chill and vibe out to.


I recently came across this guy in a cloud rap Facebook group. He recently dropped a cool new project entitled “Renegade EP” and this is track 3 on the tape. its a shady track where flute provides us with a dark 808 banger that Tyrant Xenos spits an aggressive yet funky flow over.


Spinroll – Stay The Night

No, I don’t care what you think. Vapourware is much more than a meme. Here’s a smooth track, produced by the legendary Drip 133. Spinroll brings us a chilled out, cool track to vibe out to. Slow, future love vibes comes to my mind when I play this as spinroll’s hypnotic, autotune vocals ride over this nostalgic synthpop beat. Out now on his new mixtape “Im Not a Bed, So Why Are You Sleeping On Me?

Black Kray – Ferari Season
For the record, I gotta say that Black Kray is one of my favourite underground rappers right now. if you don’t know about him or Goth Money, here’s one of Kray’s tracks from his recent mixtape “NITEMARE ON ELM ST”. Kray displays his unique, trap style flow, complete with coo ad-libs as he flows over this Crazy, dirty south influenced, bass heavy beat by Kwazzi. I particularly like the sharp lo-fi trance lead that controls the whole vibe of the track. Both Kwaazi and Forza have very strong productions on this tape. Nitemare on Elm Street” is a a cool, Hyphy influenced tape with gritty, thuggish undertones. Check it out and bump this while you hit a lick


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