Swed Mercury And the Mass Mind Mob

Swed Mercury is deft an Artist on the come up you need to check out


I have been listening to this artist and his collective  alot and I have to say I love them and the style of music they create is awesome. If you are into Cloud Rap, Vapor rap or anything laid back and spacey I am Sure Swed Mercury can fix you up

Swed Mercury and the Mass Mind Mob have very quick production styles with about 4 tapes droped with in the last 3 monthes  all ranging between 4 to 5 songs each with production from #TeamSesh Members Cat Soup and Drew the Architect, As well as many other producers with some self produced tracks as well. I can deft See Mass Mind Mob Making a name for them selves and almost being as big as Team Sesh Or SBE some day.

A few of the Tracks that have caught my attention are remember, B L O O D, And glow


I Really Enjoy Remember and the story it tells. the Beat is very fresh I really enjoy the atmospheric type piano in it . The chorus to this song is very catchy and the word play is fun. This song really takes me on a trip and at the end of the Day I think all of us want our music to be Remembered.


Swed Mercury- B L O O D (Prod. Rain)


B l o o d is a very laid back trippy track that has a deep meaning you just have to find it. I really reflect with this song and how it kind of has a message where you gota leave some people behind to get to the place you need to be. The production and execution on this song is absolutely flawless. I really love the mummbly harmonized chorus it is very hypnotizing and dream like .


Swed Mercury- Glow (Prod. Doza Emms)


Glow is possibly one of my favorite songs by Swed The melodic-ness is perfect.

The double time flow on this song is very enjoyable and I really dig Sweds execution on this Track.   I really enjoy the messages That Swed Mercury hides in his songs and the emotions you get from his music are absolutely indescribable.


If you would like to Hear More of Swed mercury’s Music then Go and check him out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud





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