An Introduction to Noise !

A side Of Experimental Music the gateway has not touched on Is noise.

What is noise you might be asking well noise is a genre of music that was formed from electronic music and free improvisation I belive. Noise music is often associated with loud distorted sounds and hard to hear vocals and white noise.

Some of you are probably saying why the hell would I listen to that and some of you may be interested about hearing more about this.


A side Of Experimental Music the gateway has not touched on Is noise.

What is noise you might be asking well noise is a genre of music that was formed from electronic music and free improvisation I believe. Noise music is often associated with loud distorted sounds and hard to hear vocals and white noise.

Some of you are probably saying why the hell would I listen to that and some of you may be interested about hearing more about this.

Tomás Pérez

Tomás Pérez is a perfect example of a noise producer you need to check out. His band camp is filled up with all kinds of albums and tunes you should go and check out. A few of his songs that have caught my attention and I think would be good to take a look at are.

catharsis (intro) of his VORTEX EP 渦

Xass 3 from his Rerum Project with apisdafry

8 bit madness part 2 from his 8 BIT MADNESS project


catharsis (intro)

Catharsis has a very nice ambient droning feel to it that has some sort of chanting in the background that makes you feel like your at a monk ritual. the ambiance in this song makes it sound like it came straight out of a movie’s backing sound track.

I feel that a lot of Tomás Pérez Music would be perfect as samples and this is a perfect example of that !.




Xass 3

xass 3 is a very synth type 8 bit sounding noise type song , I again think that if you are a producer Tomás Pérez is deft someone to look into for sampling. This track is very amazing and i really enjoy it The Rerum Project was very interesting and a very good combination of style


8 bit Madness is possibly one of my favorite projects by Tomás Pérez

this project is very old school video game sounding and there are some really good parts in the overall album that had me lost in a drift of sounds and thoughts.

pleeps and wubs. I really love this project and think that Tomas Perez should Add a bit more 8 bit into his Noise projects 🙂



Tomás Pérez Is A perfect Example of An Noise Artist to Pay attention he has a pre stacked discog on bandcamp and is an overall very sweet dude make sure to check his music out !!!




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The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 2]


White Katana – Ethereal

I just got put onto White Katana recently. Ethereal is a deep, trancy emotional rush that comes at you like a wave of euphoria. Although instead of a 4×4 beat and a rolling bassline, instead we get potent, pitch-bent 808s and fast, trippy hi-hats rolling around the track. The main lead sound like something straight from Ajunabeats catalogue

Bladee – Who Goes There

GTB frontman Bladee drops a new track for us with beautiful production by Whitearmour. in classic, sentimental bladee fashion, this track gives off vibes of a gloomy summertime as he nonchalantly flows over this ethereal, thundery beat by whitearmour reminding us that you don’t need a booming 808 to make a banger.

Nvr – Counting ghosts

This track sounds like something straight out of a horror movie/video game. Counting Ghosts is a beautiful, guitar driven track complete with haunty vocals and a soft yet prominent drum beat.

Skit – Moods

Skit, Member of the Wavemob has just recently dropped this absolutely amazing piece of chillout soundscape. there isn’t really much I can write about this track. Moods is something you should really experience for yourselves. let the slow, evolving pads take you on a soulful journey into another realm.

Bear x Lil Filth – Crystal Water

So if you like that smooth, RnB, PARTYNEXTDOOR type of vibe, then this is a track you need to hear. This is an awesome, yet short collaboration. Smooth 808s and melodic, autotune vocals is the order of the day here. Very chill, atmosphere track.

The Best Of Soundcloud [Week 1]

Enzin – kaleido high

The best of soundcloud is a new weekly series I’ve decided to run where I post my favourite tracks out at the moment by underground artists on Soundcloud. If you follow this blog to check out cloud rap, then I recommend you follow this blog and our facebook like page which will be up soon. First up, we have a cloudy banger from my friend Enzin from Germany. This is an epic, downtempo, piano driven track produced by cizzvrp. Enzin gives us a silky-smooth, auto tune soaked flow which complements the beat. Kaleido High is the one to play when your cruising on the motorway driving in the rain. the ending samples Three Six Mafia’s “I can get ignortant”


If you’re a fan of that classic hood trap sound, you don’t wanna sleep on P2/GOLDMASK. He recently dropped a wavey new tape “Ballin cause i’m Ballin” which i’m currently enjoying. Spanning only 1:25mins, Nike is a short track, but I feel its one of his strongest mostly through Burger on the Beat‘s lo-fi trancey, hard hitting 808 production. P2 provides a wavey, verse over this trap banger where he compares his popularity to Nike. Complete with the “PLUG” ad libs, backspin and voice-over, Nike is a club banger that’s great to chill and vibe out to.


I recently came across this guy in a cloud rap Facebook group. He recently dropped a cool new project entitled “Renegade EP” and this is track 3 on the tape. its a shady track where flute provides us with a dark 808 banger that Tyrant Xenos spits an aggressive yet funky flow over.


Spinroll – Stay The Night

No, I don’t care what you think. Vapourware is much more than a meme. Here’s a smooth track, produced by the legendary Drip 133. Spinroll brings us a chilled out, cool track to vibe out to. Slow, future love vibes comes to my mind when I play this as spinroll’s hypnotic, autotune vocals ride over this nostalgic synthpop beat. Out now on his new mixtape “Im Not a Bed, So Why Are You Sleeping On Me?

Black Kray – Ferari Season
For the record, I gotta say that Black Kray is one of my favourite underground rappers right now. if you don’t know about him or Goth Money, here’s one of Kray’s tracks from his recent mixtape “NITEMARE ON ELM ST”. Kray displays his unique, trap style flow, complete with coo ad-libs as he flows over this Crazy, dirty south influenced, bass heavy beat by Kwazzi. I particularly like the sharp lo-fi trance lead that controls the whole vibe of the track. Both Kwaazi and Forza have very strong productions on this tape. Nitemare on Elm Street” is a a cool, Hyphy influenced tape with gritty, thuggish undertones. Check it out and bump this while you hit a lick

Swed Mercury And the Mass Mind Mob

Swed Mercury is deft an Artist on the come up you need to check out

I have been listening to this artist and his collective  alot and I have to say I love them and the style of music they create is awesome. If you are into Cloud Rap, Vapor rap or anything laid back and spacey I am Sure Swed Mercury can fix you up

Swed Mercury and the Mass Mind Mob have very quick production styles with about 4 tapes droped with in the last 3 monthes  all ranging between 4 to 5 songs each with production from #TeamSesh Members Cat Soup and Drew the Architect, As well as many other producers with some self produced tracks as well. I can deft See Mass Mind Mob Making a name for them selves and almost being as big as Team Sesh Or SBE some day.

A few of the Tracks that have caught my attention are remember, B L O O D, And glow


I Really Enjoy Remember and the story it tells. the Beat is very fresh I really enjoy the atmospheric type piano in it . The chorus to this song is very catchy and the word play is fun. This song really takes me on a trip and at the end of the Day I think all of us want our music to be Remembered.


Swed Mercury- B L O O D (Prod. Rain)


B l o o d is a very laid back trippy track that has a deep meaning you just have to find it. I really reflect with this song and how it kind of has a message where you gota leave some people behind to get to the place you need to be. The production and execution on this song is absolutely flawless. I really love the mummbly harmonized chorus it is very hypnotizing and dream like .


Swed Mercury- Glow (Prod. Doza Emms)

Glow is possibly one of my favorite songs by Swed The melodic-ness is perfect.

The double time flow on this song is very enjoyable and I really dig Sweds execution on this Track.   I really enjoy the messages That Swed Mercury hides in his songs and the emotions you get from his music are absolutely indescribable.


If you would like to Hear More of Swed mercury’s Music then Go and check him out on Bandcamp and Soundcloud


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sno forest – hatred an album you need to hear available on bandcamp as well as soundcloud !

There has been a slew of Releases lately By so many artist that It is getting hard to stay on top of everything well working 2 jobs, working on music and just the everyday struggles of life.

ANYWAY I have recently been listening to Sn0 Fores†  And His Project Hatred

finnal glitch image for hatred reposition.jpg


I have to say that I really Enjoy Hatred And I really like Sn0 Fores† And His Production Style. One of the songs that Have really caught my attention is Air Dash.

Air Dash is a very cloudy type beat that has a sample that i am sure everyone is familiar  with and will make you want to go get out there grab a go kart  and a dozen banana’s and have a good time . ( i was wrong with where i thought the sample came from it comes from sonic i believe )

I really enjoy the melody and over all feeling that I get from listening to  Air Dash .

I get the feeling that this track would be a really good track for a rapper to rap on or a singer to record some vocals on but eh then again those are just my thoughts .


I highly suggest you go check out Sn0 Fores† And his project Hatred

Available on Band camp as well as soundcloud




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