Where Do You Think Vapor wave is going ?

Where do You think Vapor Wave is Going ? Is Vapor wave Dead or is It Being Re-birthed.

What Does Vaporwave , Cloudrap and other like genres even mean to you ?

Many Of the people that Are involved in these genres are mostly just about good vibes and real emotion and being enlightened.

You could almost say That Vaporwave and Cloudrap is almost like a new age hippie movement,

( I am not speaking for everyone these are my own opinions )

I Do Not think that Vaporwave is dieing It is begin to grow and shift to other parts of the web, deeper into nooks and cranny’s that are unknown to the average web surfer.,

A week ago I Got Hit up on facebook By An artist of the name of shallow vera



shallow vera is a Artist comming out of Stockholm Sweden and makes very Dream like Lucid tracks  that kind of remind me of  sad boys and yung lean

The Auto tune on Shallow Vera Track Is very enjoyable, The Lyrics are hot And on point.  this song has a very Relaxing feel to it that is Very W A V E Y.  

I really enjoy Shallow Vera And his work And i am really happy for him that his song Daydreaming [prod.void]  is well over 3 k plays on soundcloud.


If you like relaxing type music that you can just drift away to Then make sure to check out Shallow Vera !!


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