Just Relax And Chill out!

Vaporwave and Cloud rap often have many feeling’s and atmospheres one of them commonly being  of relaxation and ease. A few Weeks Ago When i 1st got this Blog Going I was contacted By A producer By the Name Of  Shaûn Iyagazaki.

Shaûn Iyagazaki Is A french Producer and makes Songs often in the Vaporwave / Cloud rap / chill out type genre. I have listened to his latest project

Blessed by God / Hurts by life

And I have to say I really Do enjoy It Specially his song Forget Me.

Shaûn ‘s Song Forget me Has A very Laid Back Lazy Afternoon type feel to it that is intertwined with a amazing 8 bit type synth.

I really enjoy this song and its melody !.






Sad rap is well what the name states Sad Rap,

If you dont konw what sad rap is I suggest you go and listen to Yung Rizla

And His Amazingly emotional Beat Ironically titled Sad Trap. I really love the way Yung Rizla Beat’s sound and the feeling that they bring on is very majestic and creative.


 ohh btw guys a facebook And tumblr page is in the making!!


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