Vaporwave / Cloudrap its everywhere

African cloud rapper green hipster


Im my very Opinion I think Vaporwave / Cloudrap is everywhere. You just have to look for it. I have found cloud rappers from Africa and vaporwave producers from France. Even In my own city I cant help but walk around and think to my self Damn that is W A V E Y.

One of the Artist I would Like to show You guys today is GREEN HIPSTER and his Video Obiwan Kenobi.

GREEN HIPSTER IS A African Cloud rapper and more then likely the only Cloud rapper in his country.

I really Enjoy the Video for Obiwan Kenobi. The Beat is is very catchy and the songs overall visuals are very well done. I really enjoy this video and the feel you get from it, this Video Really helps you get a different point of view from Africa. Alot of other videos that are shot in Africa tend to portray the slums and the poverty issues. The really nice thing about this video is it brings you away from that and gives you an in site on the actual geography of Africa and that what is portrayed of Africa in the media is not true.

I Have alot of Respect for GREEN HIPSTER and would love to see him continuing on and progressing his craft .




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