What Is The Experimental Gateway ??

The Experimental Gateway Is An attempt at Trying to connect you the listener/viewer to music and World Topics that We feel you should know about.


What Is the Experimental Gateway?

The Experimental Gateway Is An attempt at Trying to connect you the listener/viewer to music and World Topics that We feel you should know about.

This Blog is loosely based around experimental hip hop, Cloud rap, and vapor wave type Music genres. If You are unfamiliar with these genre’s then you should stick around something might catch your ear I promise ;D.

The Experimental Gateway is not just a home for cloud rap and vapor wave we also do enjoy other types of music and plan to be taking submissions in from Artist all around the world no matter the genre, you just have to qualify to our standards ( don’t worry we are not like other blogs ) .

A Email Address Will Be available within the next few weeks for your submissions ( If you are really keen to get your music reviewed and posted before the email address is available please follow me on Twitter and contact me there https://twitter.com/originalNizzy )

If You are still reading this I understand you may be wondering \

“what the hell is cloud rap, and vapor what ”

These are often things said by those who are new to the genre and have not discovered the Glorious delightful sounds of vektroids many alter egos ( Macintosh Plus, New Dreams Ltd, PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises, Laserdisc Visions, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, and dstnt, )

or have not seen the Visuals for Cloud rapper Yung Lean’s Song Hurt  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stgrSjynPKs


Now Many have gone on to Say Vaporwave Is Dead and that Cloudrap is Lame but I believe these genre’s are young and still have room to grow and Breath, After all Vapor wave is a Genre that was originally made as a joke, for fun as you could say.

The origins for cloud rap seam to be a bit more lose and not defined As there are many that have helped pioneer the sound and bring it to the masses ( A$AP ROCKY, CLAMS CASINO,  MAIN ATTRAKIONZ  )

So are these genre’s Dead? I don’t think so They have Just started to grow and will continue to grow and evolve until they become something completely new.

There Actually Is A Collective Of Artist that I have gotten into contact that might be the revival of these so called fading genre’s  

For example Here Is A song that got sent over to me today that I am absolutely in love with.The feeling it has is very nostalgic and ethereal. This Beat almost reminds me of that feeling as a child you get when you wake up on Christmas day.


Heaven’s Touch BY Sn0 Fores†

I really do Hate to Keep On dragging This Post On and On But I have Another Artist I would Like to spread some light on is A Producer by the Name Of HisFlyness His Song Cloud city has only been on Sound cloud for 1 day And already is well on its way to passing 100 plays

 I feel that this artist is defiantly doing the right things to push his music and I would love to see him continue to push him self and his craft.

Cloud City (Prod. HisFlyness)


Well I hope you Enjoyed the First Post From The Experimental Gateway we have more to come!!.